Fortnite: Worlds Collide in Season 5

Fortnite Season 5 is launching tomorrow!

With the Superhero-focused Season 4 coming to an end, huge changes are coming to Epic’s battle royale shooter. But what can we expect to see when we wave goodbye to Omega, Carbide, and friends? Here’s everything we know about Fortnite Season 5 so far.

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Season 5 Launch date

Fortnite Season 5 will be launching on Thursday 12th July at 9am BST. If you haven’t hoovered up the final bits of Season 4’s battle pass, you don’t have too long left…

Season 5 Theme

Season 4 of Fortnite focused on a Superhero theme, and it looks like Season 5 will also have an overarching theme, which Epic have been teasing for a while.

Let’s start at the beginning. During Season 4 of Battle Royale, an in-game event called Blast Off saw a missile being launched that caused a literal crack in the sky. Since then, rifts and portals have been appearing in the game. Sometimes they’ve been sucking up items like the Durr Burger sign. Other times, new items like a wild west wagon have been appearing.

It’s not just in-game, though – Fortnite props have been appearing in the real world!

Epic haven’t stopped there. A tweet for Season 5 proclaims that “Worlds Collide”.

The fact that the two teaser images Epic have shared so far have been of a Japanese Kitsune-esque mask and Norse axe, gives us an inkling that the theme for this season could be time travel.

Season 5 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass will almost certainly be returning for Season 5. Epic haven’t confirmed it yet, but it has been a mainstay for a while now.

With a battle pass, you can unlock exclusive costumes, emotes, and sprays for your Fortnite warrior to use. Season 4 gave us the likes of Carbide and Omega, so we reckon there’s a good chance we might be getting new ‘characters’ to unlock in Season 5.