Everything you need to know about the Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass

fortnite season 8

Fortnite’s explosive new Season 8 has arrived, and we’re here to run through what you’ll be getting in the brand new Battle Pass.

As always, the Season 8 Battle Pass comes with 100 tiers which unlock cosmetic items as you level it up. There are also over 100 items to earn, such as brand new outfits, pets, emotes and more. And of course, you’ll get to keep all the rewards you’ve unlocked after the season ends.

You’ll automatically unlock two progressive outfits the moment you get the Battle Pass: bearded pirate Blackheart (who gets more and more skeletal and ghostly) and the ninja Hybrid (who gets gradually less ninja-y and more lizard-y). If you opt for the Battle Bundle, which gives you a head start on unlocking tiers, you’ll get an extra Sidewinder outfit as well.

There’s also a brand new Party Assist feature for all players. Simply pick a daily or weekly challenge from the list and head out into the wide world with your friends to complete it together and move up the tiers more quickly.

This season’s theme is all about jungles and pirates, and the map’s received a major overhaul as well with a sizzling volcano (mind the lava, it hurts), crystal blue Lazy Lagoon, and the jungle temple inspired Sunny Steps all making an appearance.

Sounds like fun, right? So here’s some more good news: the Season 8 Battle Pass still only costs 950 V-bucks, but if you managed to complete all the Overtime challenges last time around then you’ll get the Season 8 pass for free. Lucky you!

And don’t forget, the more Season 8 challenges you complete now, the more V-bucks you’ll earn to put towards Season 9. Anyway, we’re off to try out some challenges and explore the new additions to the map. Care to join us?

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