5 of our favourite moments from Fortnite Season 6

Fortnitemares Season 6

It’s time to wave goodbye to Fortnite Season 6 and say hello to the frostier climates in Fortnite Season 7! But before we parachute into icy lands, let’s take a look back at what Season 6 had to offer.

“Darkness Rises” was the name of the Halloween themed season that introduced tons of scary skins, the explosive end of Kevin, the famous Cube who first appeared in August, as well as brand new spooky gameplay features.

Here are five of our favourite moments from Fortnite’s sixth season.

1. Cube Creatures

To celebrate Halloween, Epic unveiled a whole bunch of ghouls in Fortnitemares, the season’s spooky event that became the inevitable end of the Cube.

Different forms of Fiends and Brutes spawned from Cube fragments and they were on a mission to kill… or be killed. The higher the monster’s stats, the better loot you recieved. So getting your hands on health kits, weapons, and ammo was easy peasy.

2. Marvellous Map

Season 6 saw the map changing significantly once again, with new areas popping up all over the place. The mysterious runes from Season 5 created Corrupted Zones around the map, The Haunted Castle appeared in Haunted Hills, and Loot Lake reconstructed itself with the help of the Cube remnants, creating a giant (but harmless) whirlpool.

So when you weren’t hiding in a bush waiting to get the drop on an rival, at least there was a chance to do a spot of sightseeing every now and then.

3. Chilling Challenges

With a new season came 10 more weeks of tricky challenges to give you tons of rewards. Whether it was visiting all the Corrupted Areas around the map, to finishing vehicle timed trials, this season definitely tested our skills.

Why did we push ourselves so much? Well, we just had to have Season 6’s Battle Pass Tier 100 reward: the Legendary Dire skin!

4. Scary Skins

Speaking of outfits, the spookiest ones yet for Fortnite debuted this season. Okay, if you brought the Battle Pass, you were instantly rewarded with the decidedly un-spooky DJ Yonder skin, but other skins included the Fable Red Riding outfit (quite spooky), the vampiric Dusk outfit (2 spooky 4 me), and the Nightshade outfit (maximum spook).

Whether you were aiming to have a look that could kill, or just look like a fashionista on the battlefield, Epic catered to everyone’s needs.

5. Cutest Companions

Pets made their way to Fortnite in Season 6 and while you weren’t able to feed them, having them there for moral support was enough to get you through a stressful match.

Bonesy the dog, Camo the chameleon, and Scales the dragon clung on for dear life as you parachuted into the action, kept quiet while you hid from nearby opponents, and just generally made us aww at our TV screen as they (literally) had our backs.

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