Fortnite Season 4: Everything you need to know

Fortnite Season 4 has crash landed! Epic’s update is a game-changer – the Battle Royale map has a new look, Hop Rocks are dotted around the map, and there are new missions in Save The World!

So before you grab the glider and fly into action, check out everything you need to know about Fortnite Season 4 below.

New Map

Fortnite Battle Royale will never be the same again, now that a few meteorites have rearranged the map! The biggest change is that the Dusty Depot is no more, with the Dusty Divot taking its place. On top of that, there’s a new area in the north east of the map, called Risky Reels! Only one question remains: Will they prove to be as popular as Tilted Towers?

Hop Rocks

These purple shards can be found all across the map and give your a character a super-skill. Guzzling down a Hop Rock grants you a brief period of low-gravity jumps, meaning your leaps will be higher and longer! Handy for literally getting the jump on someone.

Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass has launched, which has a range of new costumes, emotes and other goodies to unlock. It costs 950 V-Bucks to nab the Battle Pass, but you’ll get loads back in return. The theme this time around seems is Superheroes, with awesome costumes like Valor, Carbide, and Omega to earn!


As part of the Battle Pass, you can now get Sprays! There are 6 designs so far, which you’ll be able to throw up onto walls in-game. Just make sure you don’t get shot while doing it!

Save The World

There’s also plenty coming to Fortnite’s other mode, Save The World! The Blockbuster Event will see you recruiting superheroes to your team, while the Husks you fight will now drop loot like building materials and ammo when you eliminate them!