Why Fortnite’s Save The World deserves your attention

Fortnite has become a smash hit since it introduced its Battle Royale mode last year, but there’s more to the colourful shooter than testing your wits against 99 people on an island. The early access Save The World mode is a huge part of the package and it offers a very different experience to what you might have already had with Fortnite.

While it’s not free-to-play (at the moment) like Battle Royale, Save The World is the original Fortnite escapade and offers a more concentrated version of the unique on-the-fly building and cartoony shooting the breakout hit does so well.

With Epic recently announcing that they’re going to be making some huge changes to Save the World, We’re going to go over why you should think about indulging your inner superhero and Save The World.

Story time

It’s best to start with the biggest difference: the story. Save The World has an actual narrative, with lighthearted cutscenes and characters. It’s pleasingly straightforward as well. 98% of humanity has vanished as a giant purple storm covers the planet. In their place is a legion of zombies who would love nothing more than to chomp down on the remaining 2%’s noggins.

This also changes how you play the game. You can still round up a squad of four, but you’ll be working together to collect resources, build more complex forts, and then take on overwhelming waves of cartoon zeds. In Battle Royale, you’re all scanning the environment, hoping to catch a glimpse of anyone. Here, the action is closer to something like Left 4 Dead, as you all frantically yell tactics at each other and try to split your focus across dozens of approaching threats.

Building Bigger and Better

Speaking of tactics, most of your objectives will focus on building around machines you need to defend. This puts a greater focus on one of Fortnite’s greatest strengths: construction. Building in Fortnite is quick and easy, which makes conjuring up elaborate structures effortless. Similarly, traps are more important here because you’ll have more time to plan how you’ll use them. Creating an effective labyrinth of death for your rotting enemies is one of the game’s great pleasures.

In another big move away from Battle Royale, the characters you play as can be levelled up and keep hold of their equipment. This adds a tangible sense of progression as you tick off quests. If Battle Royale has instant gratification when you discover a rare weapon, Save The World has a deeper sense of pleasure from earning it.

Oh, and did we mention you can earn loot by bashin’ a llama piñata? That is worth the price of admission alone.

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