Vending machines now free in Fortnite

Vending Machine Fortnite

Fortnite’s 8.10 patch is here, making a pretty significant change to the way vending machines work.

If you discover one of the handy weapon dispensers, they’ll now give you a weapon for free… but they will only work once. Vending machines used to cost you building materials, but would offer a variety of items to pick from.

It’s an intriguing change which, at the very least, should you mean your precious materials are spent on building forts and cover as much as possible.

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There are some other big changes coming to battle royale. One is a new vehicle called The Baller. This giant guinea pig ball has a plunger on it to let you zip around the map but, more importantly, it also has 300 HP and you’ll take no damage while inside it’s surprisingly strong confines. Not too shabby indeed.

On top of that, players can now dance while holding a balloon (this is very good news) and the infinite dab animation now lasts for 13 hours. Yes, 13 hours. Imagine how many victory royales you could earn in that time.

With all these tweaks and more, it looks like another week of brilliant blasting is ahead for us!

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