Fortnite Friday: Thanos invades Battle Royale!

Fortnite’s had another fantastic week, with a new limited time mash-up, a mysterious indestructible object appearing, and plenty of brilliant outfits to pinch. Let’s take a look at the biggest moments.

Destiny arrives!

Thanos landed in Fortnite this week, bringing his Infinity Gauntlet along for the ride. The Mad Titan from Avengers: Infinity War is at the centre of a limited time mash-up. Players battle to become Thanos by finding and putting the Infinity Gauntlet on. Those who manage to instantly become the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe, laying waste to the structures and mere mortals around them.

Down the Hatch?

Elsewhere in Fortnite, players have discovered a mysterious hatch in the Wailing Woods that can’t be opened OR destroyed. There’s a peculiar marking on the back of it though, which has us trying to deduce what it means. Could this be the start of a new mystery like the comets from Season 3?

Season 4, Week 2 Challenges

If you’ve grabbed the Season 4 Battle Pass, you now have a fresh set of challenges to take on this week. We’ve rounded up what they’re and how many stars you’ll get for besting them.

Search 7 chests in Greasy Grove – 5 stars
Consume 7 Hop Rocks – 5 stars
Deal 500 damage with suppressed weapons to opponents – 5 stars
Dance in front of 7 film cameras – 5 stars
Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen – 10 stars
3 explosive weapon eliminations – 10 stars
Eliminate 3 opponents in Tomato Town – 10 stars

Dress to impress

There were plenty of outrageous outfits to pick up this week. While we love the ability to upgrade the Battle Pass superheroes skins, we’re also particularly fond of the Chromium Outfit. This metallic look will leave your rivals thinking they’re going up against a Terminator!

Replay of the week

We saw tonnes of great clips, but we had to plump for this phenomenal finale on one of Noahj456’s streams!

Taking on a Thanos on his own should be impossible, but Noah’s stash of boogie bomb are used to expert effect. Check out how he nabbed a very special victory royale down below!

Noahj456 Just Embarrassed a Thanos on stream from r/FortNiteBR

That’s it for another Fortnite Friday, we’ll see you here next week!