The ultimate playlist of FIFA songs

FIFA 2003 - FIFA Songs

Here’s something we should talk about more: FIFA always has a great soundtrack. Yes, okay, the football is the main talking point, but also, who doesn’t hear L.S.F by Kasabian and think about lashing a ball into the top corner with Edgar Davids on FIFA 2004?

So, in honour of the many songs that burrow their way into our memory banks as we’re creating liquid football, here’s a rundown of our favourite songs from FIFA 98 to the present day. You can also listen along to them while reading with our carefully curated Spotify playlist below, for added audio pleasure.

FIFA 98 – Song 2 by Blur

Woo-hoo. That’s all we really need to say about this modern classic.

FIFA 99 – Rockefeller Skank by Fatboy Slim

Who else had to watch the FIFA 99 intro just for the bit where this song kicked in? Just us? Oh. Well, it’s still a banger anyway.

FIFA 2000 – Sell out by Reel Big Fish

Ska fans, rejoice! Sell out is both the perfect soundtrack for FIFA and a handy phrase to
yell at players who force a move in Career Mode.

FIFA 2001 – Bodyrock by Moby

Fun fact: Moby’s Play album, is so full of Big Hits (yep, that needs to capitalised) that every dang song got licensed. Little wonder when they’re as catchy as Bodyrock is.

FIFA 2002 – 19-2000 – Soulchild Remix by Gorillaz

Damon Albarn’s cartoon band have had plenty of their songs feature on FIFA soundtracks, but we’re plumping for the bright and bubbly 19-2000 remix. Sorry, Rhinestone Eyes, it’s nothing personal.

FIFA 2003 – Dy-Na-Mi-Tee by Ms. Dynamite

Don’t act like you didn’t spend the summer of 2003 hitting the high notes in this certified bop. Being on a FIFA soundtrack just helped make it even more ubiquitous.

FIFA 2004 – L.S.F by Kasabian

The Leicester rock band are experts in singalong anthems and L.S.F had a nation yelling the
line “WE’VE GOT OUR BACKS TO THE WALL” every time this FIFA loaded up. (Honourable mention also has to go the iconic intro song Red Morning Light by Kings of Leon.)

FIFA 2005 – Blue Monday by New Order

If we had our way, Blue Monday would be on every FIFA soundtrack. Even if you don’t recognise the name, you know its iconic “Duh-duh-du-du-du-du” beat.

FIFA 06 – Helicopter by Bloc Party

This might be the best song of the year*, so yes, obviously it was our favourite song of this FIFA soundtrack.

*The others being everything else on Silent Alarm, natch.

FIFA 07 – Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

Muse’s slinky pop song about the dangers of our universe is also a very good mood-setter when you want to score some virtual goals.

FIFA 08 – Pogo by Digitalism

Fun fact #2: The German electro’s band hook has been stuck in our head since FIFA 08’s launch and we don’t think it’ll be going away anytime soon.

FIFA 09 – Lights and Music by Cut Copy

Cut Copy are another band who’ve cropped up on a fair few FIFA soundtracks, and we’re going to plump for their indie disco classic that sounds just as good when tinkering with your Ultimate Team as it does in a club.

(Oh, this was FIFA Ultimate Team’s first year. History!)

FIFA 10 – Hold the Line by Major Lazer

This Jamaican dancehall inspired song is a hard one to forget, thanks to a relentless bassline that thunders along like a traction engine.

FIFA 11 – Odessa by Caribou

This sultry slice of indie-dance isn’t a typical FIFA song, which is what made us love it all
the more. It’s hard to imagine something so smooth could co-exist in a game with Wayne Rooney’s face on the cover.

FIFA 12 – Wrecking Ball Ra Ra Ra by The Vaccines

A tough year to choose from here (sorry Hold On by The Chain Gang of 1974) but it’s hard not to be in the mood for football after listening to this full-throttle masterpiece.

FIFA 13 – September by St. Lucia

Synth-pop is the best pop, which is why we had to put in St. Lucia’s earworm. It sounds like it just stepped out of the ’80s in the best way possible.

FIFA 14 – The City by 1975

This brooding take on finding love might not sound like ideal mood music, but it has a belter
of a chorus, so we couldn’t resist.

FIFA 15 – Busy Earnin’ by Jungle

This poppy hit proved so popular with FIFA fans, Jungle now have their own kit in FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team. This is now the sign you’ve ‘made it’ as a band.

FIFA 16 – Can’t Keep Checking My Phone by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Ignore the very modern problem the song’s title presents and just enjoy the super-catchy beat that gets your feet tapping as the goals are flying in.

FIFA 17 – Youth by Glass Animals

You might notice the FIFA soundtrack’s getting chiller as the years go on. Less raucous guitars and more gentle melodies. We’re happy with this, because it means we get to listen to this charming oddity between games.

FIFA 18 – Get Lost by Washed Out

Another very chill song, this mellow and woozy song is the perfect tonic to someone sneaking a jammy win against in you Ultimate Team.

FIFA 19 – Border Girl by Young Fathers

Phew, we’ve reached the present day, and Young Fathers are there to greet us with their infectious lo-fi indie hits. It’s a very nice way to be greeted, to be fair.