The Ultimate Guide to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team

FUT guide

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

Ever collected football stickers, but wanted more of a challenge than pressing them into an album without overlapping the lines?

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT for short) is both a comprehensive digital sticker collection and an addictive football sim. You buy packs to get virtual items – such as players, managers, and kits – and then use those items in actual games of FIFA!

That’s why FIFA Ultimate Team is FIFA 18‘s most popular game mode, and millions of people play it every day.

But how do I get the best players?

Good question. Packs come in three different levels. Bronze packs are the cheapest, and these feature players rated up to 64 out of 100. Silver packs contain players rated between 65 and 74. And gold packs host players rated 75 and above. These top tier packs contain other goodies too, such as limited edition versions of certain players.

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What do FIFA points do, then?

You can buy FUT packs using the in-game coins you earn through winning matches, selling players, or completing various in-game challenges, but you’ll have to be patient to build out your dream squad.

If you’d rather fast-track your way to some of the world’s best players, you can purchase FIFA Points from any GAME store, and use these points to buy your packs. A premium gold pack, for instance, which contains three rare gold items and nine standard ones, will set you back 7,500 coins or just 150 FIFA points.

Should I just pick the best eleven players for my team?

As with all aspects of Ultimate Team, it’s really up to you. But it’s worth remembering that a key factor in succeeding whether you play online or offline is a mechanic called ‘chemistry’. By linking together players of the same league, club or nationality you make them perform better in-game; an overall chemistry rating of 100 means that they’ll play to their optimum abilities.

The exceptions to this rule are Icons. These legends of the game play on full chemistry (10/10) if placed in the correct position, regardless of team-mates. Find Thierry Henry in a pack and you’ll be able to build your team around one of FIFA 18’s greatest players, or sell him for more than 3,000,000 coins. Either way, it’s a game changer.

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What other stuff do I get from FUT packs?

As well as player items, you’ll nab all the things required to make the club feel like your own. Such as: Kits and badges from more than 700 clubs, stadia, temporary player boosts, cards to instantly cure injuries, ‘chemistry styles’ which make a player permanently faster, stronger, or more skilful, contracts, and so on. The ‘just one more pack’ element is almost as addictive as the gameplay itself.

What else can I do in FUT?

In addition to online and offline seasons, and the ability to qualify for FIFA’s elite, 40-match weekend league, you can use Squad Building Challenges to score better packs and items. For instance, by collecting and submitting a team for every club in League One, you earn a bundle of additional packs, plus 22,500 coins and an exceptional Edinson Cavani item, rated 90. Again, gold packs represent the speediest means of amassing the cards required for these challenges, so FIFA Points are your friend here.

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