Who is Far Cry 6’s Villain? Here’s Everything We Know

Far Cry 6 Villain
Far Cry 6

It’s official – at Ubisoft Forward we learned that a new Far Cry game is on the way to current and next-generation consoles on 18 February 2021.

The next installment in this open-world first-person shooter series is set on the island of Yara, which seems to be loosely inspired by Cuba and is said to be the largest setting in the series so far. As a young revolutionary, you will fight to free the island from the control of a ruthless dictator, Anton Castillo.

Anton is played by one of TV’s greatest villains, Giancarlo Esposito. If you can’t quite place him, Esposito played the criminal mastermind and chicken shop owner Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad, and also had a turn playing an Empire enforcer in The Mandalorian. Given Esposito’s reputation for portraying menacing villains, it’s fair to assume that his character Anton will join Vaas, Pagan Min, and Joseph Seed in Far Cry’s pantheon of iconic baddies.

Less is known about his son, Diego Castillo, who we see being prepped for leadership in the game’s reveal trailer. Theories and speculation abound about his role in the story. Some think he will be a playable character, while others have drawn more out-there conclusions. One popular theory suggests that Diego is, in fact, a younger version of Far Cry 3’s famously unhinged antagonist Vaas, but this doesn’t seem to match-up with the timeline of the series.

When it comes to gameplay, Far Cry 6 will introduce some fresh new twists on the open-world shooter allowing you to collect a huge arsenal of weapons, craft upgrades, and recruit Amigos to join you in your fight. Like in Far Cry 5, your backup won’t be limited to human allies – you will able to recruit some cute (and not so cute) fangs for hire as well. The first non-human buddy we’ve seen is the ridiculously adorable puppy, Chorizo.

Far Cry 6 pre-order

Can’t wait to join the revolution in Far Cry 6? Head over to GAME and place your pre-order today. There are four awesome editions to choose from – the Standard Edition, the Yara Edition, the Gold Edition, and the Ultimate Edition. As an added bonus, you’ll get the Discos Locos Deadly Disc Launcher and an adorable skin for Chorizo for pre-ordering.