Every Edition of Kingdom Hearts III Explained

Kingdom Hearts III GAME UK PS4 Pro

The long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III is very nearly here! There are more beloved Disney worlds on their way — and for the first time, there’ll be Pixar worlds in the mix too. And with several physical editions to choose from, there’ll be something to keep every Disney and Final Fantasy fan happy.

Whether you’re just looking for the basic game, or you’re more tempted by the treasure trove of extra content or the shiny limited edition new console, we’re here to give you the rundown on exactly what each different edition will bring.

PlayStation 4 Limited Edition – £379.99

The standout feature of this bundle that is only available at GAME in the UK, is the supercharged 1TB PlayStation 4 Pro, with a beautifully ornate design incorporating the Kingdom Hearts emblem and a matching wireless controller.

Also included in the bundle is the Deluxe Edition of the game, which we’ll delve into below! To pre-order this bundle, simply head to your nearest GAME store!

Deluxe Edition – £69.99

This edition of the game comes with some very exciting extras. You’ll get the base game, plus an exclusive Sora pin, a beautiful Steelbook case, and a full-colour hardback artbook.

Plus, in another GAME offer that is exclusive to us in the UK, when you pre-order and purchase the Deluxe Edition you’ll get an exclusive Monsters Inc. light-up yo-yo too!

Standard Edition – £49.99

If you’re just looking for a copy of this epic RPG on its own, then this is the edition for you. It’s the perfect entry point if Kingdom Hearts III will be your first time playing the series.

Still can’t decide? Head right on over to GAME.co.uk to take a look at our full Kingdom Hearts III collection!