How to kill Sean Bean (poorly) in Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Sean Bean elusive target guide

Sean Bean is finally live in Hitman 2, as the first elusive target for you to take out in Miami. As an elusive target mission though, you only get one chance over the next two weeks to take out the former Bond villain and deceased Lord of Winterfell.

Don’t attempt the mission in time? It’s gone forever. Die in the level? Sorry, but you blew it, as you can’t restart. Take the tension of a typical Hitman level, ratchet it up a few thousand notches, and you’ve got an idea of what playing this is like. It’s fair to say then that a little helping hand might be the order of the day before you tackle it…

Well, let’s kick off with the good news: We’ve managed to assassinate Bean’s in-game character, Mark Faba! We even escaped at the end of the mission and uploaded our run for you to watch above. The bad news? Well, we hope you weren’t after a Silent Assassin run, because this is the complete opposite of that.

Despite our rusty attempt at taking down at Faba (hey, at least we did it), we loved this first taste of Hitman 2’s post-launch content. From the moment where Faba interogrates 47 on ways he could kill him, Sean Bean’s smarmy assassin feels like a perfect fit for this world. Shame we’ve already taken him off it…

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