9 creations that showcase the insane power of Dreams

dreams creations dreams beta

You may have already heard about the upcoming sandbox of sheer creativity that is Media Molecule’s Dreams, but if not, here’s a quick explainer.

You explore the world of Dreams as an adorable (and customisable) imp, which is capable of manipulating and interacting with objects, and you can hop through gateways and doors to switch between levels. Each level is a different “dream”, and your imp can possess the characters present in each one in order to take advantage of their skills to solve puzzles.

It’s a beautiful (if slightly trippy) experience in a gorgeously misty art style, but what makes it particularly special is the freedom you get to create your own dreams, be they works of art, music, films, game levels – or even familiar characters and locations from existing games.

And that’s exactly what we’ve gathered together here – 9 incredible creations made within the beta version of Dreams by its community members, each of which offers a tantalising glimpse of the magic that the full game will be capable of.


In 2014, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima brought us a short horror game called P.T., which was a teaser for a Silent Hill game that (unfortunately) never made it to reality. It gave us some serious spooks, and was only available for a short time before disappearing forever, though it spawned a multitude of fan remakes.

Now we can feel the same spine-tingling fear all over again, Dreams-style, in this faithful recreation of the ever-looping corridors.

The Leviathan Axe

If you’ve played God of War, then you’ll instantly recognise the Leviathan Axe, which belongs to everyone’s favourite angry god-dad Kratos. And now you can carry one of your very own (but only in Dreams, for now). We wonder if it comes back when you throw it?

Dead Space

This faithfully recreated Dead Space environment is another visual treat. While it’s not currently a game level as such, walking around the mining starship USG Ishimura feels just like it did in the game (but it’s a tiny bit less frightening). Plus, the detail is amazing – even the glowing health bars on the back of main character Isaac Clarke’s suit have been recreated.

Unfortunately, the project’s creator has now ceased work on this Dead Space homage, but it’s still a tantalising glimpse of what’s possible with Dreams’ tools.


While there are mountains of assets being created every single day by the Dreams community, you can always just sculpt and build your own. This Dreams player has started work on a very familiar-looking location, and we love how it looks so far. For now, no admittance except on party business.

Starry Night

The Oneironaut’s Starry Night isn’t so much a game as a visual spectacle, but boy does it deliver. Walk up to the window, drink some absinthe (no, we mean just in the game), then sit back and watch the show as the stars and mountains swirl into a Van Gogh-inspired masterpiece.

An underwater adventure

This one gives us strong Subnautica vibes. It’s a beautiful submarine exploration, with a colourful (and luminous) variety of underwater life to encounter as you go.

Sci-fi that looks like real life

This moodily-lit sci-fi shooter is all mystery for the time being, but from the pictures we’ve seen so far, it looks incredible. And it proves that Dreams can handle almost any visual style you can think of.

Some delicious-looking eggs

Game levels? Sure! Works of art? Of course! Fried eggs? Yeah, why not?
And they really do look eggcellent…

A real-life gig on in-game instruments

Okay, so this one wasn’t technically created by the community, but you need to see it anyway. Yes, all of it. We promise it’s worth it.