Tom Clancy’s The Division: the story so far

the division story so far

The Division 2 launches on March 15, and to prepare ourselves fully for the tense survival shooter adventure we’ve been catching up on the story of the first game.

So whether you’re diving into the fray for the first time in The Division 2, or you’re a Division series veteran just looking for a reminder of the finer points, our handy story primer is here to help you out!

Tom Clancy’s The Division

It’s Black Friday in 2015, and New York City is reeling from the impact of a severe smallpox epidemic that resists all known forms of treatment. Nicknamed “The Dollar Flu” and “Green Poison”, the disease has spread via contaminated banknotes, and with no signs of it stopping any time soon, various parts of the city are locked down under strict quarantine.

And that’s where you come in. Faced with chaos, the government mobilises a force of elite sleeper agents who work for the Strategic Homeland Division – also known simply as The Division. You play as a Division Agent tasked with providing assistance to the Joint Task Force, which is providing the majority of emergency relief.

Manhattan is one of the quarantined areas, and you are sent there first to help restore order. However, your plane is destroyed in an explosion that also kills the Division Commander and several other Division Agents. You are then forced to commandeer a news helicopter in order to continue the mission.

After recapturing the James A. Farley Post Office Building and setting up camp there, you and the other surviving Division Agents set out to complete a series of assignments, from rescue and recon missions to the neutralisation of different factions of criminals, whose activities are making the confusion worse.

After rescuing several key personnel on these missions, you recover a sample of the Green Poison which, when researched, is revealed to be the genetically modified creation of Dr. Gordon Amherst, a biologist with a controversial reputation.

Next, you discover footage of a rogue Division agent named Aaron Keener, who is revealed to have been responsible for the murders of several other Division Agents. Keener has since teamed up with other rogue Agents and a private military company known as the Last Man Battalion (LMB), and together they caused the earlier explosion that killed the Division’s Commander.

A signal from the Russian consulate then comes through, indicating that a Russian virologist named Vitaly Tchernenko may be able to provide further information on the Green Poison. You set out to rescue him, but are unable to reach him before the LMB does.

Tchernenko is taken prisoner by the LMB, and with the help of the Joint Task Force, you and your fellow Division Agents band together to attack the LMB headquarters. You battle your way inside only to find that you are once again too late: Keener has already escaped with Tchernenko. You then engage in battle with Charles Bliss, the leader of the LMB, and are victorious. Order starts to gradually return to New York.

A mysterious signal leads you next to a secret laboratory, where you discover the corpse of the disease’s creator, Dr. Gordon Amherst, along with a recorded message which reveals Amherst to be an eco-terrorist intent on wiping out humanity in order to protect the Earth. Fortunately, the means to develop a vaccine for the Green Poison are also implied to be within the laboratory.

However, you then find another message, this time from Keener, who has acquired the means to create a brand new strain of the disease and intends to use it to wipe out those he deems unworthy. He remains at large with the Green Poison in his possession, and the future of the world is left uncertain.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

After surviving the events in New York City, the Division agents are headed next to Washington D.C., which is slipping into chaos. Warring factions vie for power, and although humanity seems to have survived the Green Poison outbreak for now, it seems intent on destroying itself in civil war. Only you and your fellow Division Agents stand in the way…