5 reasons why Diablo III: Eternal Collection is a must on Switch

Diablo III Nintendo Switch

Diablo III’s Eternal Collection is almost here for the Nintendo Switch. This new port brings the dungeon crawling delight to an entirely new audience, as well as giving a way for committed fans to take the devilishly more-ish action with them anywhere they go.

Regardless if you’ve already stepped foot in the High Heavens or have never experienced the thrill of clubbing a Hellion with a mace, here’s why you should pick up Diablo III on Switch.

1. Switch-exclusive goodies

Let’s start with what’s exclusive to this version of Diablo III. You’ll get three items to enhance your demon-slaying experience: A Ganondorf armour set that will let you transform your character into Zelda’s big bad, an adorable Cucco companion pet, and a Triforce character frame. We can’t wait to go stomping around Sanctuary as Ganon!

2. The full Diablo III experience

Diablo III was originally released in 2013 and has had a lot of updates in that time, including an expansion, Reaper of Souls. The Switch edition bundles everything together in one monstrously large package, so you’ll get the complete experience from the get-go.

3. Demon Hunting Anywhere

The thing that we all love about the Switch is its portability. Whether you’re off on the morning commute or just taking your games around the house, the ability to play your games you anywhere is the absolute best.

Diablo is a game we’ve always wished we could take with us anywhere, mainly because we love earning a bit of loot. So, the idea of smashing through a few (hundred) demons on the way to work makes us very happy, Frankly, the pair are a match made in (High) Heaven.

4. Team up with friends

Diablo III on Switch goes out of its way to ensure you can play with your squad. Only got one Switch? That’s cool, you can each use a single Joy-Con.

You’ve got a group of four mates together, all eager to kick demon butt? Yep, you can play in handheld mode, on the TV, or a combination of both. Hey, you all want to play online? Diablo III has got you. This edition is perfect for social gamers on-the-go or in the living room.

5. As smooth as before

It wouldn’t be a Diablo game if the action wasn’t as smooth as a velvet gown. Good news then, the Switch version maintains a 60 frame per second refresh rate, which means the action feels as fast and fluid as it does in other versions of Diablo III.

Ready to return to Sanctuary? There’s still time to get your copy at GAME today!