5 reasons Devil May Cry 5 is the most outlandish DMC yet

Set several years after the spectacular last game, Devil May Cry 5 introduces us to Nero shortly after he’s monetised his crazy combat prowess by setting up a demon-hunting agency operating from a tricked-out van. And business is good. There are more than enough monsters to help Nero pay the bills, but in this supernatural hack-and-slash sequel, the world is on the line. Something about a demonic invasion and a big toxic tree and…well just read our breakdown and you’ll see 5 reasons why it’s going to be the most outlandish installment yet.

1. Nero’s got a magic arm

All the best people have magic arms: Solid Snake, Bionic Commando, and now DMC 5’s Nero. He calls his arm the Devil Breaker, and it can do more than shake hands and hold cups of tea. Pressing circle, for instance, throws a jab, while holding it unleashes a beam of ruinous energy. You can actually switch between several Devil Breakers, using one to fling yourself across the level. Call up your friend, the self-styled ‘artisan of arms’ Nico, and she’ll even bring a van to let you kit your arm out.

2. Demons invade London

In Devil May Cry 5, London plays host to a demonic invasion. It’s not the only locale you’ll explore, but it’s undoubtedly a great place in which to set a bunch of mad magical scraps. Battle mutated fly monsters on London Bridge! Bash up deformed beasts in the neon glare of Piccadilly! Look at a red phone box and recall a bygone era of tethered communication.

3. You can fight a plant

Bosses are more frightful than ever in DMC 5. Already we’ve seen a massive pulsating venus fly trap that forms an early boss battle, in which you have to punch in its red eyes while avoiding its tentacles. There’s also a towering horned demon that you have to spin around by its tail before throwing it into a building.

4. Three playable characters

A trio of famous faces keep you on your toes in Devil May Cry 5. The game doesn’t just cast you as Nero, but returning protagonist Dante, and a mystery third individual. An individual with a cane…Might he be Vergil, a major villain in Devil May Cry 3? Quite possibly. But in any case, expect to have your mind melted as you try and master not one, but three different characters.

5. Visual insanity

You don’t expect Devil May Cry 5 to look as good as it does. For starters we’ve got characters 3D scanned from real actors, and they look uncannily lifelike. Then there’s the silky smooth 60fps performance, and the actually rather impressive cloth physics. Visually it’ll surprise you.