5 reasons Devil May Cry 5 is the wildest adventure in the series

Devil May Cry 5 Out Now

Devil May Cry V is out now, and it’s bringing back the stylish action the series has made its own. We’ve had the chance to play the full game, and it’s set to delight fans, with intricate combos to master, spectacular bosses to best, and more than a few grizzly demons to send straight back to hell.

It also raises the bar for the series with some impressive additions that make this the wildest entry in the series yet. From new characters and weapons to a talking crow that can fire electricity, strap in for our look at Devil May Cry 5.

1. New character V brings an entirely new way to play

V is the headline addition to Devil May Cry 5, a new character whose mysterious introduction plays a key role in the story. But what we really love about the leather-loving fighter is how his combat style is unlike anything else in the Devil May Cry series.

You see, V doesn’t really fight. Instead he commands two familiars, Griffon and Shadow, to do the bulk of the dirty work. Shadow a Puma-esque creature is controlled with taps of the Triangle/Y button and is a close-range attacker, whereas Griffon (the talking crow), is a ranged attack, who’ll hurl attacks at enemies from afar with presses of square/X. The kicker is that the two demons can’t kill enemies. Instead V has to finish them off. This creates an entirely new rhythm to combat, as you control fights from the periphery, before zipping in to administer the killing blow. The fact that it feels natural to fight in this new style almost instantly is a testament to how well designed combat across the entire game.

If Devil May Cry’s combat is all about stylishly controlling a fight, then V’s an ingenious extension of that. And we haven’t mentioned the fact that he can read poetry while commanding his familiars…

2. Devil Breakers mixes up Nero’s moves

V might be a new character, but Nero plays like one thanks to his new Devil Breaker arm. You see, the one-armed Nero can now attach special weapons to his arm that will give him an extra edge in combat, which are crafted by his buddy Nico. One Devil Breaker called Overture can shoot a shockwave at enemies, while another, Punch Line, will keep flying into an enemy to distract it.

Using these new abilities tactically can help you rack up your combo score quickly, but more importantly, they’re just really fun to use. Whether it’s cackling with glee when you watch a Devil Breaker catch an enemy off-guard or figuring out how to build and extend combos with one, they make Nero feel like a new character.

3. Dante has a Motorcycle Sword, Cavaliere

And then we come to series’ mainstay and the original Son of Sparda, Dante. While fans will find the demon slayer’s return to be a source of delight in and of itself, he takes it to the next level with a sword you can unlock called Cavaliere. Did we say sword? It’s also his motorbike as well…

Yep, Dante can now use his bike as a weapon. One moment he’s riding through the environment on two wheels, then he splits it in half and starts swinging his ride around, grinding the unfortunate faces of his foes into the wheels. Seriously. Dante might be getting older, but he’s still packing some seriously stylish moves in his arsenal.

4. Cameo Co-op lets you battle alongside other players

While Devil May Cry 5 is a single player experience first and foremost, there’s a great new co-op system that lets you slay demons with fellow hunters online. Cameo Co-op matches you with other players (or uses game data from other players if no-one is online) in certain scenes where V, Nero, and Dante’s paths cross.

In some places, that means you can see other characters fight in the background, while at other times, you’ll be scraping against bosses together. It’s a fluid system that never slows down the action, while also giving fights alongside other players a frantic edge that makes them all the more enjoyable.

5. The RE Engine makes this the slickest Devil May Cry yet

This might only be the third game to use the RE Engine, but there’s clearly a reason why Capcom’s games look so good at the moment. The same engine that made zombies so grotesquely squelchy in Resident Evil 2 makes demons so satisfyingly grisly in Devil May Cry 5. Plus, with the game running at 60 frames per second, the action feel as smooth as possible, which is seriously impressive when you see just how many monsters fill the screen.

BONUS – Nero vs Griffon

Nero’s response to most things is a sarcastic quip, but we can’t get enough of his cantankerous relationship with V’s talking demon crow. Both love to push each other’s buttons, but Nero telling the chatty bird “I bet you taste like chicken” is a personal highlight of their verbal sparring sessions.

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