Devil May Cry 5 gets incredible announcement trailer at Xbox E3 show

Capcom has finally unveiled Devil May Cry 5 after months of speculation. The stylish action game received an incredible trailer featuring plenty of combat.

Nero was the main focus in the trailer, with the short haired hero taking centre stage, although Dante pops up at the end.

Not returning in Devil May Cry 5, however, is Nero’s right arm. It’s seen getting violently cut off during the video, and is replaced with an electric-imbued prosthetic that serves as a weapon. It looks like Nero’s new arm will be one of the new gameplay elements that Capcom has in store for players.

It will serve as a “true sequel” to Devil May Cry 4, which released 10 years ago. The series was last seen in 2013, when Ninja Theory to rebooted series.

Now Capcom is back to focusing on the main series, and director Hideaki Itsuno says that it’s the “best game he’s ever made.”

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