How to get the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Steelbook Edition at GAME

Devil May Cry v steelbook

Devil May Cry V is roaring onto consoles in March, bringing all the thumb-wreckingly thrilling action we’ve come to expect from the spectacular series. To celebrate its return, we’ve managed to hunt down a deluxe edition of the game that’s as stylish as Dante himself.

To start with, this edition comes in a exclusive steelbook packaging, and it’s bundled with 4 Devil Breakers (detachable arms that Nero uses as weapons throughout the game), each with their own unique abilities. These include the Mega Buster (which is based on Mega Man’s arm cannon) along with the Pasta Breaker, which is basically a very complex looking fork and something we’re very into.

On top of that, you’ll also get 12 classic battle themes, a behind the scenes look at pre-viz cutscenes, 100,000 red orbs that will help get a head start on levelling up characters, alongside an alternate colour scheme for Dante’s bike, and even more bonuses! With a Devil May Cry V demo set to launch in February on PS4 and Xbox One, you’ll get a chance to sample the action before it launches on 8 March.

Want to grab this awesome edition of Devil May Cry V? It’s exclusive to GAME in the UK, so head in-store or to our website to pre-order now!