Desert map coming to Xbox One version of PUBG in ‘early spring’

The Miramar map is coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on Xbox One in early spring!

This desert map has been available on the PC version of PUBG since last year, but the game’s development team have now confirmed that the sandy stage is heading to Microsoft’s console in the coming months.

They’ve also confirmed other additions for the brilliant battle royale game that Xbox players can expect over the coming months. These include performance optimisations, achievement support, and more character customisation options.

We’re huge fans of Miramar, and the changes it makes to the sandbox shooter. For instance, the desert location means that forests are out, so you have to be extra cautious when sprinting across the map’s open areas. City spaces, meanwhile, are much denser and more vertical than any you’ll find in Erangel.

But, whether you’re scouting for loot in the crowded city of Los Leones or picking off the competition on the outskirts of Impala, this is still the terrifically tense game you know and use bushes to nervously hide yourself in.

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