Death Stranding’s plot explained

death stranding plot story united cities of america
death stranding plot story united cities of america

What is the plot of Death Stranding?

This is what everyone has been wondering pretty much since the first trailer dropped, and we were faced with an apocalyptic beach filled with stranded whales, dead crabs, crying babies, and a weeping Norman Reedus covered in inky handprints.

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What is the plot of Death Stranding?

This is what everyone has been wondering pretty much since the first trailer dropped, and we were faced with an apocalyptic beach filled with stranded whales, dead crabs, crying babies, and a weeping Norman Reedus covered in inky handprints.

And while there’s still a lot of mystery around the game, we’ve had a few more answers since then. With plenty of trailers and gameplay demos to sift through, as well as a few interviews with the game’s creator Hideo Kojima, it’s possible to figure out some of the major plot points behind Death Stranding.

Since there’s a lot of fan theories out there that haven’t yet been proven, for the purposes of this primer, we’re sticking to what we can glean from trailers, gameplay demos, and interviews.

So sit back and relax as we tell you as much as we can about the plot of Death Stranding. For a more general look at the game, its gameplay, and everything we know about it so far, head here.

What is Death Stranding actually about?

Death Stranding is a game about connections, and the point of the game is to reconnect humanity. Following a mysterious supernatural event called the Death Stranding, the population of America has fragmented and dispersed, with small knots of people gathering in isolated cities. Meanwhile, invisible supernatural beings called BTs (Beached Things) plague the landscape and drag unsuspecting humans into the Other Side.

death stranding plot story cargo

It’s believed by some, such as the former US President Bridget and her daughter Samantha America Bridges (also known as Amelie), that reestablishing meaningful connections with other humans will help save the world from the threat of the BTs.

Main character Sam Porter Bridges is a courier who delivers different types of cargo, such as medicines, human genetic material, and the odd corpse, to various cities across America. But as well as delivering cargo, Sam has the option to ask recipients of his deliveries to join something called the Chiral Network, a vast connected network of human communities which is the brainchild of a corporation called BRIDGES.

BRIDGES and Amelie

death stranding plot story bridget

BRIDGES seems to have a link to the President of the United Cities of America; President Bridget has apparently been the driving force behind the dream of reconnecting America’s cities, and you can see the BRIDGES logo emblazoned across the floor of the Oval Office. Currently, BRIDGES appears to be led by a man called Die-Hardman, who wants to instate Bridget’s daughter Amelie as the next President.

The only trouble is, Amelie isn’t really there at all: she’s actually in Edge Knot City on the other side of America, held prisoner by bad guy Higgs and his militant separatist group, the Homo Demens. While she’s allowed to do whatever she wants (including making plans to continue BRIDGES’ work via hologram conference calls), she’s trapped there as a hostage to ensure the city’s continued independence from the United Cities of America.

Sam is sent to continue what Amelie started: to travel west towards Edge Knot City, to find Amelie and bring her home, and to link up cities and communities to the central Chiral Network along the way.

The Other Side

death stranding plot story bts

Of course, it’s not all going to be plain sailing. The terrain is treacherous and frequently doused in a lethal type of rainfall, and there are plenty of enemies to face too, both human and supernatural.

The Death Stranding event, whatever it was, has caused the worlds of the living and the dead to mingle, and deadly invisible enemies called BTs, or Beached Things, roam the landscape looking for living prey. Fortunately, Sam can see BTs, partly because of a piece of technology he carries known as a Bridge Baby, or BB – essentially pods containing unborn babies with links to the Other Side.

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When Sam dies in-game, he’s dragged to a strange underwater purgatory, where he’ll have to find his fallen body in order to return to life. This place may or may not be linked to “the beach”, the crab-strewn location shown in the very first Death Stranding trailer, which is also where Amelie’s body is apparently located. As long as her body is there, she won’t age in the real world.

There’ll also be Homo Demens to face, and their leader Higgs can apparently summon vast gloopy boss monsters to slow Sam down.

The most mysterious antagonist (as far as we know) so far is Cliff. While he seems to be able to summon skeletal soldiers, it’s not yet clear what his role will be in Sam’s journey.

death stranding plot story cliff

DOOMS and Fragile

death stranding plot story sam porter bridges norman reedus

There’s one more mysterious plot point to cover, and that’s something called DOOMS. Both Sam and another character named Fragile have a “Chiral allergy”, which seems to trigger tears and apparently allows them both to sense BTs. Sam claims to have something called the “extinction factor”, but Fragile’s case seems to be more severe, as she can actually see BTs while Sam can only sense them. For now, the full role of DOOMS is as much of a mystery as the rest of the game.

death stranding plot story fragile

So there you have it – an introduction to the main plot of Death Stranding to get you started. There are still plenty of questions left to answer, so keep an eye out for further trailers and gameplay demos. In the meantime, you can find out more about the game here.

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