Everything you need to know about Death Stranding

death stranding everything we know cargo
death stranding everything we know cargo

Death Stranding remains one of the most mysterious games we’ve seen in a long time. And with trickles of information coming through from various trailers and gameplay previews, it can be tricky to keep track of all the details.

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Death Stranding remains one of the most mysterious games we’ve seen in a long time. And with trickles of information coming through from various trailers and gameplay previews, it can be tricky to keep track of all the details.

But that’s what we’re here for. We’ve trawled through the trailers and gameplay to unpick the most important bits of information on your behalf.

So sit back and relax as we go through everything you need to know about Death Stranding.

When is the release date?

Death Stranding arrives on PlayStation 4 on 8 November 2019.

What’s Death Stranding about?

death stranding everything we know sam porter bridges

Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game tells the story of Sam Porter Bridges, a delivery man whose job is to carry precious cargo across a bleak, empty landscape that is all that remains of America. Following a devastating supernatural event called the Death Stranding, the world has been left fragmented and haunted by spectral beings linked to the world of the dead.

At every city or outpost, Sam has the chance to help reconnect America’s fractured society by joining its isolated cities to a central Chiral Network. Bridget, who appears to be the US President, believes that reconnecting humanity is the only way to save it from the threat of the BTs, and her daughter Amelie continues her work from captivity.

Not every knot of humans is willing to join the Chiral Network, however, and Sam will also face opposition from formidable enemies, both human and supernatural.

Character guide

death stranding everything we know sam and fragile

Death Stranding is full of celebrity cameos, though some actors are only providing their likenesses, so you may well spot a few familiar faces as you embark on your journey.

Sam Porter Bridges is played by Norman Reedus, and he seems to be the main playable character of the game (but this being a Hideo Kojima game, anything could happen). He works for Bridges, a corporation working to connect America to the Chiral Network.

The main antagonist appears to be a man named Cliff (Mads Mikkelson). While not much is known about him yet, he seems to be able to summon and control skeletal soldiers.

Higgs (Troy Baker) is another baddie. He’s the leader of a group of extremists called the Homo Demens, who actively seek to trigger Voidouts. More on those in a minute.

death stranding everything we know higgs

Along the way, you’ll also encounter Fragile (Léa Seydoux), a mysterious member of another corporation called Fragile Express; Deadman (Guillermo Del Toro), who seems to know a lot about the BBs; Mama (Margaret Qualley), whose dead child connects her with the Other Side; Heartman (Nicolas Winding Refn), who researches the Other Side when his heart stops every twenty-one minutes; and Die-Hardman (Tommie Earl Jenkins), the commander of Bridges.

There’s also Bridget, the US President, and her daughter Amelie, who cannot age because her body is “still on the beach”, whatever that means, and who is a prisoner of bad guy Higgs. Both Bridget and Amelie are portrayed by Lindsay Wagner.

What are BBs, BTs, and Voidouts?

BB is short for Bridge Baby, and they’re children taken from the wombs of brain-dead “stillmothers”. They have a mysterious link to the Other Side, and by plugging into the BB pod devices, adults seem to be able to see the BTs too. Sam’s BB will become distressed if Sam takes too much damage, but you can calm it by singing to it, rocking its pod, or even by playing the harmonica. It’s also possible to adjust your settings so that the BB’s voice will be audible via your controller.

death stranding everything we know bt bts

BTs, meanwhile, are Beached Things: creatures from the world of the dead which leave trademark inky handprints in the real world, but which otherwise aren’t normally visible. That said, Sam seems to be able to see them as inky humanoid shapes in the rain. They’ll absorb any humans they come across, living or dead, though holding your breath around them seems to deter them from spotting you.

If you die in-game, you’ll trigger a Voidout. This will leave a vast crater in the real world at the spot in which you died, and instead of getting a game-over screen, you’ll be transported to an underwater purgatory, from where you’ll have to locate your fallen body.

death stranding everything we know fragile timefall

One final thing: try to avoid getting caught in the rain. In the world of Death Stranding, there’s an exceptionally dangerous type of rain called Timefall, which massively accelerates the passage of time. This will degrade your cargo and equipment for as long as you’re exposed to it, and while you can eat something called a Cryptobiote to help negate its effects, it can drastically speed up the ageing process of plants and people.

Is Death Stranding a multiplayer game?

death stranding everything we know ladders

Death Stranding is a single-player game, but the actions of other players will have an impact on your playthrough. As you traverse the world, you may find items or dropped cargo lying around which you can use. Using these items will automatically reward the original owner with a Like, and you can thank them with another one if you want to.

As more and more people take the same routes to travel across the world, paths and roads will ultimately form, to the point that eventually there’ll even be highways, bridges, and safehouses built through everyone’s mutual progress. Don’t expect to find yourself standing in a full-blown city straight away if you pick up the game a while after launch, though; this progress will be periodically undone by showers of Timefall rain.

Do I need a paid online multiplayer subscription to play Death Stranding?

You don’t need a PS Plus subscription to play Death Stranding.

Which edition should I get?

There are several editions of Death Stranding to choose from: the Standard Edition, Special Edition, and Collector’s Edition, and pre-ordering yours at GAME will net you special in-game extras.

You can read more about what you’ll get in every edition right here, or check out the limited edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro right here.

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