5 essential Days Gone survival tips

Days Gone Tips
Days Gone Tips

Survival horror adventure Days Gone is finally here, and we’re torn between excitement at getting to ride a motorbike through the Farewell Wilderness and horror at the sheer number of baddies we’ll have to contend with.

Still, the excitement probably outweighs the fear, and with our list of survival tips to hand, we reckon we’ve got this adventure covered…

1. Learn the different Freaker types

There are actually seven different types of Freaker to look out for (for now), and they all behave differently. If you want to survive, you’ll need to learn how to deal with each type.

Swarmers are adult humans who travel around in large numbers. One or two of them shouldn’t present too much of a challenge, but a horde can quickly overwhelm you. Look for objects in the environment that could help whittle down their numbers, or craft some Molotov cocktails to get you out of a pinch. Just remember that the more noise you make, the more Swarmers will come to investigate.

Screamers are more likely to be found alone, and their trademark screams can stun you and summon hordes of Swarmers to attack you. If you can, take them out from a distance before they have a chance to do either.

Newts are adolescent Freakers. They don’t have a huge amount of health, and adult Freakers will attack them on sight, so they tend to stay out of the way on rooftops. You shouldn’t underestimate them, though – they’ll stalk you when you’re low on health and attack when you’re least expecting it.

Breakers are probably the most dangerous type of Freaker. They’re muscular tanks who will absorb a lot of damage before they can be taken down, and they could probably snap you in two without breaking much of a sweat. Avoid where possible, or be prepared to use up a lot of ammo.

Runners are infected giant wolves, and they’re not afraid to chase you down in the open. They’re also faster than your bike, so make careful use of your bike upgrades and try to shake them off by using the environment to your advantage.

Rager Bears are similar to Breakers in that they’ll absorb huge amounts of damage, but they’re also the angriest bears you’re ever likely to meet.

Ravens are actually infected crows, and they’ll gang up on you in swarms.

2. Observe your enemies’ habits

The good news is that Freakers, animal or human, are still technically alive and they need food, water, and rest. Water sources will be periodically visited by hordes of Freakers, as will any location where uninfected humans and animals can be found, so it’s worth carefully staking a place out before approaching.

The same rule applies to humans: if you’re hoping to infiltrate a Marauder or Ripper settlement, stake it out first to see how many guards they have around the perimeter. You can also lure enemies using stones or even bear traps to cause a distraction. Bear in mind that Marauders may also unleash traps on you in return. Rippers, meanwhile, are brainwashed cultists who revere Freakers, and they’re not afraid to die.

But remember: Freakers will happily eat your enemies and your enemies will happily shoot Freakers, so you can always try to turn them against one another if the numbers aren’t looking too favourable.

3. Keep an eye on the sky

With hordes of Freakers, unfriendly humans, and angry animals to contend with, the weather might seem like the least of your worries. However, the weather conditions can make or break your meticulously planned strategies, so make sure to learn how different enemies will respond to different conditions.

Rain will help mask you from the Freakers, but it’ll also make more of them appear. Snow, meanwhile, will make Freakers stronger but less likely to spot you, and it’ll also have an impact on your Drifter Bike’s movement. Daylight usually means that Freakers will be busy hibernating in their nests, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t find them roaming around. Watch the weather and the time of day, because that could really make a difference in your big plans of attack.

4. Keep your bike in good working order

Your trusty Drifter Bike is your lifeline, and it’ll help you outrun most pursuing enemies. You’ll need to stop in order to perform repairs out in the field, so keep a close eye on its maintenance (and fuel gauge) so that you don’t get caught out midway through a desperate escape.

You can also upgrade your bike throughout the game. Upgrades include everything from a better muffler, which will keep enemies unaware of your presence for longer, right through to speed and handling boosts or a brand new paint job. Just try not to leave your bike somewhere forgettable – because you will have to go and look for it.

5. Make alliances where you can

You’ll encounter plenty of humans on your journey: dangerous cult members, pitiless Marauders, relatively peaceable settlement dwellers, and more.

It’s tempting to just loot whatever items you can and hightail it out of there (after all, most people who run into you in the wilderness will try to do exactly that). But those people that don’t immediately try to shoot you may eventually turn out to be helpful allies, if you can earn their trust first. Help them out by venturing out on supply runs and other missions, and you’ll get useful items in return. It’s also worth noting that weapons that you find in settlement shops are often more powerful than those you find out in the wild.

So there you have it: 5 handy tips to help you survive the unforgiving world of Days Gone. If you’re raring to get started on your survival adventure in the Farewell Wilderness, you can order the game here.

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