Meet the Days Gone characters

days gone characters deacon st john
days gone characters

The main character of Days Gone, Deacon St. John, lives in a dangerous world filled with outlaws, drifters, cult members, and desperate survivors. It’s a kill or be killed situation, and with everything in the Farewell Wilderness from the weather to the local wildlife seemingly out to get you, it’s important to figure out which of the various characters you can trust.

So who’ve we met so far, and what do we know about them?

1. Deacon St. John

days gone characters deacon st john

Let’s start with the hero. Tough-talking loner Deacon St. John prefers to risk roaming the Farewell Wilderness on his bike than staying nice and safe in one of the survivor camps. He’s a former biker of the outlaw Mongrel Motorcycle Club and still wears their insignia on his jacket, but currently works as a bounty hunter and mercenary. He’s also rarely seen without his trusty Drifter Bike, so it seems he found his past life a tough one to give up.

While he’s not averse to killing for survival, what we’ve seen of Deacon’s past with his wife Sarah suggests that he may have a secret heart of gold underneath that tough exterior.

2. William “Boozer” Grey

days gone characters william boozer grey

As Deacon’s best friend and former Sergeant-at-Arms for the Mongrel MC, Boozer has been at Deacon’s side through thick and thin. With some fabulous tattoos as well as a hefty bounty on his head, Boozer still sticks close to Deacon, travelling ever further northwards in search of a fresh start.

And in the brief glimpse we got of Deacon and Sarah’s wedding from the trailer, we saw that Boozer was the only guest present, so he’s got to be a decent guy.

3. Sarah

days gone characters sarah

With a degree in biochemistry under her belt, Seattle girl Sarah used to work as a botanist. She first met Deacon on the back roads of Farewell, Oregon, and the two got married in a very understated ceremony sometime later.

While Sarah’s current whereabouts are unknown, one of the story trailers showed her saying goodbye to Deacon as she boarded a helicopter. Deacon later found that same helicopter burnt out and seemingly retrieved a ring from the wreckage, suggesting that Sarah may not have made it… but we’re secretly hoping that she somehow survived so we’ll get to see more of her.

4. Manny

days gone characters manny

In a world in which you’re constantly having to look over your shoulder for speedy flesh-eating Freakers, a motorbike is an essential piece of survival kit, and that makes mechanic Manny one of the most useful characters for biker Deacon to know.

After a brief misunderstanding in which the mechanic mistook Deacon’s beloved bike for salvage material, Manny ends up becoming the chief mechanic for the Drifter Bike, upgrading it whenever Deacon gets his hands on any spare parts while out in the wilderness.

5. Iron Mike

days gone characters iron mike

You can spot Iron Mike a mile off thanks to his red jacket and cowboy hat, which is probably just as well because he doesn’t seem to think much of Deacon. Now the leader of a settlement of survivors, Iron Mike apparently knows some dark secrets about Deacon’s past and the two don’t appear to like each other much in the trailers, so don’t expect him to be too friendly.

6. Mark “Cope” Copeland

days gone characters mark cope copeland

Mark Copeland is another settlement leader, but we like the look of him even less than with Iron Mike. His threatening manner when ordering Deacon to help him suggests that he’s both desperate and a pretty selfish individual. But then, in an environment like the Farewell Wilderness, you probably have to be pretty ruthless to survive…

7. Addison Walker

days gone characters addison walker

Addison understands that survival in difficult circumstances is a whole lot easier when you’ve got friends to help you, and she often calls Deacon out on his reluctance to form bonds with the survivors in the encampments. We have to side with her on this one – we’d much prefer safety in numbers over lone wolf adventures, especially with that many Freakers around.

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Now that you’ve met the cast, it’s time for the adventure to begin! Enter the Farewell Wilderness and see how long you can survive…

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