Is Danny Dyer in RAGE 2? You best believe it, sunshine

Rage 2 Danny Dyer

Danny Dyer in RAGE 2 is a thing that’s actually happening. ‘Ave it.

Bethesda have revealed that a cheat code in RAGE 2 will let you add a bit of cockney swagger to their upcoming open-world shooter, but be warned, the video above has some proper naughty language.

Rage 2 Danny Dyer

The full reveal trailer sees Danny Dyer quipping all over your adventure, from asking if the motors of the wasteland have insurance (Spoiler: they don’t) to politely informing The Goon Squad they should get their head down, Danny Dyer giving it the big ‘un while you blast away goons in the wasteland is top stuff.

This follows the announcement on Monday that the NBA Jam announcer would be in the game as a cheat code. Have you wanted to end a firefight with the immortal phrase “Boomshakalaka”? RAGE 2 is going to let you do that.

Rage 2 is more than just fantastic voice-overs though. We had a chance to go hands-on with id and Avalanche’s open-world shooter earlier this year and were blown away with how this madcap shooter is shaping up. From thrilling car chases to some barmy missions, we’re chomping at the bit to play more Rage 2. Especially now that the Queen Vic’s landlord is there to give us some inspirational commentary.

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Rage 2 pre-order

From taking on someone of the biggest and baddest monsters in a post-apocalyptic future to hearing Danny Dyer’s voice, RAGE 2 is a shooter like no other.

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