Adventure Mode gets a tune-up in Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

crash team racing adventure mode nitro fueled
crash team racing adventure mode nitro fueled

A PlayStation blog post has revealed more details about Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled’s revamped Adventure Mode, alongside a whole 20 minutes of chaotic gameplay.

You can watch the glorious mayhem in its entirety right here:

According to the blog post, great care has been taken by the developers to make Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled’s Adventure Mode just as wonderful as it ever was. You’ll start racing with a lineup of eight classic characters, just like in the original, and you’ll unlock the rest of the roster as you progress through the story by winning races. Naturally, all the classic Adventure Mode challenges will also be present, from token races and Gem Cups right through to boss races and relic races.

And this time around, there’s a neat new twist to Adventure Mode. Instead of simply racing to unlock boss characters, each race you win will now reward you with new items too. You’ll get new character skins, upgrade parts, and more with every victory, so you can continually customise your kart until it’s reached the dizzy heights of karting perfection.

On top of that, there are two ways to play Adventure Mode: Classic and Nitro-Fueled. The latter lets you switch things up as much as you like on the fly, whether you feel like changing your racer or you just want to customise your kart with that awesome new item you just won. Classic mode will still let you earn all the same items and unlocks, but just like the original game’s version of Adventure Mode, you won’t be able to switch racers or karts midway through.

And no longer will you have to clear entire Gem Cups to unlock bosses – now you just have to defeat them in a race. Your Gem Cup feats will instead be rewarded with valuable prizes, like the dastardly Nitros Oxide.

crash team racing adventure mode nitro fueled nitros oxide

There’s one more big change you might want to keep an ear open for. The remake comes with a completely remastered soundtrack, so you can experience all your favourite tracks in a brand new and shiny fashion. Or if you prefer the old-school version from the original game, then you can listen to that as you race instead. The original composers were brought back as consultants for the new version, so you can bet that both soundtracks are going to be a perfect fit for the game.

Crash Team Racing will be storming onto consoles in June, so there’s not much longer to wait until your next races begin. You can pre-order it here, and while you wait for June 21, there’s plenty of time to dig out your old copy of the original to practice…

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