5 ways Crackdown 3 will make you feel like a dang supercop

Crackdown preview

Crackdown is leaping back onto Xbox this week, bringing all the law and disorder you’d expect from the spectacular sandbox. From bounding all over the city to grab as many Agility Orbs as you can to wiping out the corporate criminals of Terra Nova in New Providence, there’s an awful lot to be excited about.

Instead of jabbering on though, we’ve come up with 5 reasons why Crackdown 3 is the ultimate power fantasy, and why stepping into the massive city of New Providence is going to make you feel like a dang supercop.

1. Awesome Arsenal

In Crackdown 3, you’re trying to stop the Terra Nova corporation, a powerful cabal of villains, rogues, and just general ne’er-do-wells. But you’re not going to do this with words and stern looks, you’re going to need an arsenal. With weapons like the Homing Rocket Launcher that does what it says on the tin, the Vortex Cannon which blows enemies away with a powerful blast of wind, and the Singularity Gun that just straight up fires black holes that sucks in anything unlucky enough to be nearby, you’ve got the firepower to take them down.

But if that doesn’t work, then level up your Agent by collecting orbs across New Providence, so they can run faster, jump higher, and increase their mayhem potential by 82%!

2. Massive Open World

New Providence is the city that you’ll be bringing peace and justice to in Crackdown 3, and it’s the series’ most sprawling open world to date.

It’s so big in fact, that it’s roughly 2 times larger than any Crackdown city that has come before it, and if that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s also completely seamless. That’s right, there are zero load screens between any area of the city.

3. Double Trouble

What’s better than one agent taking on the might of an entire city with just their wits (and, cough, a huge arsenal of weapons)? How about two of them bringing the ruckus. Crackdown’s campaign lets you team up with a partner to dispense justice more efficiently, and by that, we mean you both can get up to some really destructive shenanigans.

Or just see you jump to the highest part of the map first. Your call.

4. Wreaking Havoc in Wrecking Zone

Fancy taking a break from all that do-gooding you’re getting up to in the campaign? Why not blow off some steam by blowing up your mates and buildings in the competitive multiplayer of Wrecking Zone? This area sees teams taking each other on in a deathmatch fight for supremacy, but the twist here is the world you play in is extremely destructive, thanks to the power of Microsoft’s Cloud.

If your rocket goes flying into the side of a building, then it’ll leave a crumbling hole where a structure used to be. Using this to your advantage means you can blow cover away from cowards who hide behind it, or blast the floor from underneath less-than-agile Agents. It’s a celebration of wanton destruction, and we can’t wait to see how much damage we can do in it.

5. Terry Crews

Who doesn’t love Terry Crews? The former NFL-star, turned hilarious actor is now officially a super agent, as you can play as Terry (sorry, Sergeant Jaxon) in the main game. There are other agents to choose from if you want, but quite frankly, why anyone wouldn’t want to play as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Sergeant Jefford is beyond us.