Why Remedy’s supernatural shooter Control is a game like no other

Control is the latest mind-bending third-person action game from the acclaimed developers of Alan Wake and Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment. Announced at E3 2018 with an incredible cinematic trailer and a brief gameplay tease, we just had to find out more about this mind-bending experience.

Fortunately, help was soon at hand. We managed to grab a brief moment with Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy Entertainment, who gave us a greater insight into the world of Control and what we can expect from this ambitious third-person action gem.

“We really wanted to make a game that has that Remedy action, that Remedy flavour,” says Puha about the game’s direction. “And we wanted to make something far less linear, so Control is a lot more of a sandbox type of game.”

Control, in contrast to Remedy’s other games, will be a much more open-ended experience for players. Puha compares the game to ‘Metroidvanias’, suggesting that players can revisit locations after unlocking new abilities to access new areas and explore. This is a new design approach for the studio and one that will let players dictate their own pace a lot more.

As for the story, Remedy are wary of revealing too much, but they did give us a little insight into our protagonist and the central location, the Oldest House.

Puha refers to this setting as “the home of Federal Bureau of Control”, who are a paranatural investigation group. At the start of the game, it’s revealed that monsters called the Hiss have infiltrated the location and killed the director of the Bureau with disastrous consequences.

“You play as Jesse Fadens who has had a very kind of troubled mysterious past,” Puha explains. “Something has happened in Jesse’s past that has now led her to the Oldest House. Why? You will find out obviously when you play the game.”

According to Puha, Jesse will have to go deeper into the Oldest House to undertake an almost ritualistic process to become the new director and take on the Hiss.

An exciting feature that we do know more about is the abilities in the game, which were shown off in the trailer. Jesse will have a number of telekinetic abilities that allow her to fight off the Hiss including the ability to levitate, throw items in the environment, and formulate shields with debris. There will also be another option available to players though, that Puha tells us more about.

“Jesse has something we call the service weapon, which is again like a supernatural transforming weapon,” he says. “It transforms into different forms. And it’s kind of up to the player how much you want to use the gun and just for the gunplay as opposed to using abilities.”

The term the team are using to describe this style is ‘new weird’. Essentially, this means that they are adopting a more modern take on the mystery genre that doesn’t necessarily go out of its way to explain too much. There are bunch of new influences that have informed this direction across multiple mediums and art forms.

“The term ‘new weird’ is the one that we use,” he explains. “That gets thrown around when we talk about Control. When Sam start writing the story and our game director Mixu started kicking around ideas, they really liked the book Annihilation.”

At the moment, there is still a lot to learn about Control and we want to keep it that way. Remedy Entertainment’s game has really piqued our interest with its bold cinematic trailer, heavy dose of mystery, and the promise of greater player freedom. Puha tells us that they’re only showing a small section of the game at E3 2018 and that we’ve only really a fraction of what the game has to offer.

“We’re only showing like a pretty small glimpse of the Oldest House looks like. It’s not just office spaces and things like that. It’s like the core of the building is kind of stable. The further you venture into it the crazier it will get.” We can’t wait to find out how crazy things will get when Control heads to consoles next year.

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