6 classic retro consoles that are perfect for gamers of any age

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Classic retro consoles are making a comeback, which should excite gamers new and old. Whether you’re looking to relieve your early days with a Commodore 64 or getting a chance to play masterpieces you couldn’t experience the first time around, these diddy delights are great for playing the games of yesteryear.

We’ve rounded up 6 consoles that offer a wide range of retro titles that will make any gamers dreams come true. So, if they want to see the early days of 3D gaming or head back to the pixel-art charm of the 16-bit era, here’s what you’ll want to pick up for them.

1. SEGA Mega Drive Mini

Mega Drive Mini

Okay, so this doesn’t hit shelves until the 19 September, but it does look like the perfect blast from the past. From the inclusion of classic titles such as Streets of Rage, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Altered Beast, to the incredible detail on the console itself. Plus, the two pads it comes with will mean you can relive those memories with a mate as well!

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2. PlayStation Classic

While the hardware may be 45% smaller, it packs 20 classics from the PlayStation’s early years, including the likes of Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, and Final Fantasy VII. If we’re being honest though, the first thing we’ll be playing is the adventures of adorable limbless hero, Rayman. We love our 2D platforming nostalgia trips.

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3. Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

The SNES’s 16-bit era is widely regarded as one of gaming’s greatest periods. From genre-defining experiences like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past to early experiments in 3D in Starfox, this tiny treasure is a vital collection. The fact that its controllers still feel perfect today is just the icing on the cake.

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4. Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System

Want to go even older? Nintendo’s first foray into retro consoles saw them remake their first console: The NES. There’s so much gaming history packed into this cracking package, from Mario’s first platforming adventure in Super Mario Bros. to Samus Aran’s debut in Metroid, that makes it such a rewarding console to revisit.

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5. NeoGeo Mini

Want to take a titchy arcade machine with you on the go? The NeoGeo Mini’s got you. This compact cabinet has cult classics from series such as Metal Slug, King of Fighters, and Samurai Showdown, while it can also be plugged into your TV so you can play this old-school gems with mates.

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6. The C64 Mini

For more distinguished gamers, their formative years would have been spent tinkering with The C64. It brought colour graphics and synth sounds, along with a huge library of games that captured an entire generation’s imagination. This replica might be 50% smaller than the original, but with a line-up that includes California Games, Impossible Mission, Nebulus, and 61 other games, you’ll have a 64KB nostalgia blast.

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