Gaming jumpers to deck yourself in for Christmas Jumper Day

christmas jumper day 2018

Christmas Jumper Day is coming up, giving you a chance to flaunt your taste in Christmas jumpers AND enjoy a day of being comfortingly cosy throughout the entire day.

But what if this year, you got a jumper that was both incredibly festive and had your favourite game and/or film on it? You’d be the talk of the office, classroom, or whatever household you find yourself in, that’s for sure. We’re here to offer you a Christmas miracle with 7 jumpers you should snag for Christmas Jumper day.

1. Sonic The Hedgehog

Christmas always goes too fast for our liking, which is why Sonic is the ideal mascot for it… give or take a Santa Claus. Plus, that red hat goes incredibly well with his sneakers, making this a remarkably colour coordinated Christmas jumper.

Get the Sonic Christmas jumper here.

2. Star Wars – Chewbacca

Have you ever wanted to give Chewbacca a big old smooch? It’s fine, we’ve all thought about what pecking a Wookie would be like (hint: hairy). Anyway, pay tribute to one of the heroes of the Rebellion by picking up Han Solo’s favourite jumper.

Get the Star Wars Chewbacca jumper here.

3. Fortnite – Merry Marauder Child’s Jumper

Have you always wanted to dress up your child as the gingerbread-inspired Merry Marauder from Fortnite? Great news! Getting this Christmas jumper for the younger Fortnite fans in your life will score you some major brownie (or should that be gingerbread?) points this Christmas.

Get the Fortnite – Merry Marauder’s Child’s jumper here.

4. Batman

Remember that silly old rhyme you used to sing during the holidays? The one that went “Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg”? This Christmas jumper would like to remind you of the fact that Batman doesn’t smell, and you can defend his honour by strutting down the high street with this woolly number.

Get the Batman Christmas jumper here.

5. Harry Potter – Hogwarts

Few things are as Christmassy as settling down to watch some Harry Potter on TV, and this jumper will get you in the mood by making you as warm as a Goblet of Fire. Just make sure you don’t get too comfy, fall asleep, and dream you’re taking on Voldemort though. We wouldn’t want to ruin your Christmas spirit…

Get the Harry Potter – Hogwarts Christmas jumper here.

6. PlayStation

If you can’t snag a PlayStation Classic this Christmas, make sure you wrap up with this nostalgic jumper, which has the iconic buttons tumbling down your chest. And if you did get Sony’s retro console, well, then this is the perfect jumper to be wearing when you play it on Christmas Day!

Get the PlayStation Christmas jumper here.