You’ll be able to change your PSN name from tomorrow

PSN name change
PSN name change

Ready to change your PSN name? The anticipated feature is launching tomorrow (11 April in Europe), allowing you to rewrite that old teenage handle that you’d rather not have tied to your name anymore.

Sony have published a post on the PlayStation Blog explaining how the process will work. You’ll be able to change your PSN ID by logging onto your PS4 or a web browser, clicking an edit button that will allow you to type out a new name or choose from a suggestion, and et voilà, you’ll have a brand new PSN name.

What happens if you decide that your new name is worse than your old one? Not a problem, your old name will be available for you to revert back to at any point for free. And if neither your new ID or your old ID works for you, you’ll be able to change to a new name again for £7.99 or £3.99 if you’re a PS Plus member. There are no limits to how many times you can change your name, so if you’re feeling really picky, fill your boots with as many new names as you can handle.

Extensive beta tests took place in October/November, which has helped flag up issues in certain titles when you change your PSN name. You can check them out here, which will help you make sure your new handle won’t throw any spanners into the works of those trophies you’ve been chasing. However, Sony points out games published on or after 1 April should support the online name change.

It’s great to see this feature launch so soon, especially as accounts have been tied to the same PSN name since the PlayStation 3. Are you planning to change your name?

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