Major Black Ops 4 update adds a new specialist, Blackout areas, and undead gorilla

Black Ops 4 Grand Heist

A huge new season of content is starting in Black Ops 4 today, with Operation Grand Heist speeding into view.

Following Operation Absolute Zero, the first major addition in this update is a new specialist, the bow-loving Outrider. She’s returning from Black Ops 3, and this time has a new gadget called ‘Hawk’, a pilotable drone that can tag enemies for you. The Sparrow Bow is also making a return as well, with explosive arrows that are sure to help you dominate the multiplayer battlegrounds.

Speaking of, if you own the Battle Maps, two new maps will be available for you to wage war on in Operation Grand Heist. There’s the decadent ‘Casino’, that’s set in Monaco, alongside the Los Angeles police station in ‘Lockup’.

There are also some huge changes coming to the battle royale mode, Blackout. Ghost Town is coming to the south-east corner of the map, where two new areas will (almost certainly) be filled to the brim of players wanting to get a look for themselves. The first is an area called ‘Outlaw’, a rootin’ and tootin’ Western-esque town that is based on the Black Ops II map ‘Standoff’.

Underneath it, a series of caverns that are filled with zombies (boo!) and high-level loot (yay!) await players who fancy seeing what lurks below. While these two new areas might steal the show, the rest of the map has been tweaked, with new supporting structures across Blackout and tweaks to areas that will change the way you play.

Plus, there’ll be new modes and events taking place throughout the Operation. The first is Hot Pursuit, a respawn mode that adds in three new vehicles, a PBR, SUV, and Muscle Car. While we’ll always loving tearing across areas in a Muscle Car, keep out an eye out for police vehicles, as they have in-built sensor darts in them. Plus, if you own the Black Ops Pass, you can now drop into the map as Dead Ops Arcade’s undead gorrilla, Comsic Silverback.

Finally, we get to Zombies. First up is a new Gauntlet called “Death-Con Five”, where you’ll have to survive 30 waves with specific conditions in Classified, while an entirely new map for Zombies will be launching in March.

There’ll be plenty more added to all three strands of Black Ops 4 throughout this season of content, including two multiplayer maps if you own the Black Ops Pass, so make sure you keep playing to see how it evolves across the next few months.

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