Every edition of Black Ops 4 explained

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 is finally here! Not only is the explosive series reinventing battle royale, but it’s also bringing along several physical editions that will sate the appetites of any COD fan.

We’re here to tell you what you can get with these bundles of shooty fun. So whether you’re just after the game itself, or you want a treasure trove of (deep breath) extra maps, characters, bonus items, and even a 1,000 piece puzzle, here’s our primer on what editions you can snaffle at GAME.

Standard Edition – £49.99

Just want the explosive action of Blackout, Zombies, and Multiplayer with no extras? This version is for you. But why settle for standard when you could get a special(ist) edition…

Specialist Edition – £59.99

This GAME-exclusive edition of Black Ops 4 gets you bonus digital items like a gesture, an exclusive in-game calling card, and plenty more. It also comes with 1,100 COD points to spend in-game, giving you a headstart when customising your collection of weapons.

Pro Edition – £109.99

Want to get every new map as soon as it’s released? Of course you do. That’s why any serious COD fan will be eyeing up the Pro Edition. This supersized package comes with the Black Ops Pass – which nets you an extra 12 multiplayer maps, a bonus Zombies experience at launch, and four exclusive Blackout Characters.

You’ll also get plenty of extra COD-themed goodies, such as a Pop Socket, along with 1,100 COD points, as well as being the envy of your mates.

Mystery Box Edition – £179.99

Can’t get enough of fighting off the undead in Zombies? Treyarch have written you a love letter in the form of this monster bundle. The centrepiece is a replica Mystery Box that lights up and serenades you with sound effects from the cult mode, but the goodies don’t stop there.

4 zombie Figpins, an exclusive 1,000 piece zombies puzzle, a Zombies comic and so, so, so much more rounds out this fantastic bundle for Zombies lovers.