9 video game soundtracks as epic as the games they’re in

best video game soundtracks tony hawk pro skater
best video game soundtracks rock band

Have we ever mentioned how much we love video game soundtracks? Our favourite games just wouldn’t be the same without them, and there are some gaming moments where only the sound of a full orchestra hammering out the main theme will do (imagine Star Wars if it didn’t have its main theme and you’ll see what we mean). Best of all, there are video game soundtracks to suit all musical tastes, from chipper 8-bit classics right through to slickly-produced grime.

So without further ado, here’s a little taster of some video game soundtracks that really struck a chord with us (sorry). And believe us, we could have made this list a lot longer…

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

If this soundtrack doesn’t immediately transport you back to the year 2000, nothing else will. Thundering beats and plenty of electric guitar makes for a thrilling soundtrack that had you playing again and again just so the music wouldn’t stop.

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Hotline Miami

There’s not a single track on the list that we dislike. We could listen to the thumping bass lines and synth riffs for hours as we hone the perfect strategy to take out all our enemies… yet somehow, we always get taken by surprise.

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Life is Strange

This lyrical, stripped-back collection of indie songs is packed with emotion, just like the game itself. In fact, it’s such a good set that the game frequently slows its pace just to give you more time to enjoy the music. Guaranteed to make you cry, a lot, when you think about how the game made you cry even more.

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Assassin’s Creed II

Choosing just one Assassin’s Creed soundtrack is a tough call, but we’ve gone with Assassin’s Creed II because of how hauntingly evocative it can be. Traditional Latin choral music blends with a hint of futuristic sci-fi glitchiness, and it couldn’t sound more fitting if it tried.

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If you’re going to launch yourself down a snowy mountain at top speed, you really need a decent soundtrack to accompany you. Fortunately, SSX’s soundtrack more than delivers, providing the perfect atmosphere as you launch yourself into the air to pull off gravity-defying tricks. And somehow, it even made you feel like a genius even when you went ploughing head-first into a rock.

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We love everything about the hand-animated, super tough platformer Cuphead, but the soundtrack is one of our favourite things about it. Featuring barbershop quartets, big bands, ragtime and jazz, it’ll fire you straight back into the 1930s before you’ve finished listening to a single bar. There’s even a hidden track in there which contains some very solid life advice.

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Rock Band

The best part of this soundtrack was that not only could you listen to all your favourite songs, you could also jam along with them as if you truly were the rock star of your dreams. Featuring everything from The Ramones, Iron Maiden, and The Foo Fighters right through to Queen and David Bowie, it’s impossible not to find something you can happily air guitar along with.

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This jazzy but melancholy soundtrack gets bonus points for having a second alternative version. Without giving too much away, the main character of the game is a singer whose voice has been stolen, so the vocals on the main soundtrack are all hummed… but the other version has the singer switching to highly plot-relevant lyrics instead.

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God of War

Bear McCreary’s moody, atmospheric score plunges you back in time to a dangerous but beautiful world of Norse gods, giants, and monsters. Both dark and dramatic, and at times heart-wrenchingly beautiful, listen to this for long enough and we guarantee that you’ll start shouting “BOOOY” with aplomb.

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best video game soundtracks cuphead on switch

If you’re looking for video game music unlike anything you’ve heard in a game before, Cuphead’s 1930s-inspired soundtrack is the way to go. Also, the game is a real blast to play.

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