7 Superb Stealth Games to Test Your Sneaking Skills

best stealth games video games ghost of tsushima sneak

We’ll just say it: stealth games are ridiculously fun. Is there anything more satisfying than clearing out a whole roomful of baddies without a single one noticing you’re there? Or stealing everything that hasn’t been nailed down, or walking around so sneakily that you might as well be a shadow concealed by the darkness of night?

Sure, you can go through most of these games with guns blazing or swords rattling, but if, like us, you’ve developed a taste for being completely and utterly sneaky, then read on to see some of our recommendations for super fun, stealth-filled video games from the last few years.

1. Ghost of Tsushima

best stealth games video games ghost of tsushima climb

You’re a samurai who’s been forced to turn to the dishonorable Way of the Ghost in order to protect his island, and in plain terms, that means being deliciously, awesomely sneaky. You’ve got a bow, throwing knives, smoke bombs, sticky bombs, tall grass to hide in, and the ability to scare the pants off the Mongol invaders without even showing yourself… what’s not to love?

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2. The Last of Us Part II

best stealth games video games tlou the last of us part 2 ii

The original The Last of Us had some amazing stealth sections too, but Part II kicks the tension up a notch by adding in dogs who can sniff out your scent trail even when you’re hidden, humans who are smart enough to spot you in tall grass when they get close, and even certain types of Infected who, just like you, are capable of hiding in the shadows and sneaking up on their enemies.

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3. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

best stealth games video games assassins creed ac syndicate

Actually, all the Assassin’s Creed games have their highlights in terms of stealth gameplay, but we had to pick one. We’ve gone with Syndicate here because we loved being able to use and abuse the environment to help us stealth our way through missions. Chucking a throwing knife into a fire to throw sparks at enemies, or slicing down hanging nets full of barrels to draw attention away from yourself while you scamper over the rooftops? Too much fun. Bonus points for getting a potted history lesson with each game, too.

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4. Dishonored 2

best stealth games video games dishonored 2

While you do have the option of completing the game as brashly in the open as you please, we’ve always loved finding new ways to stealth our way through each level. You also get the option to choose what kind of approach you want to take: whether you’ll be a more traditional assassin armed with realistic weaponry and skills, or a supernaturally-skilled stealth maestro who eats rats. You do you.

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5. Hitman 2

best stealth games video games hitman 2 flamingo

You’re a professional assassin, so not getting caught is usually a pretty good idea. The whole point of Hitman is to blend into the background as far as possible, so you can get away with some clever (and occasionally ridiculous) shenanigans as you take out your targets. Bear in mind that this is the only game on this list that allows you to be less conspicuous while wearing a fluffy pink flamingo outfit.

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6. Alien: Isolation

best stealth games video games alien isolation

If there was ever a time to be silent and stealthy, it’s when you’re trapped on a space station out in the middle of space with what feels like fifty Xenomorphs on your tail. The scariest part is, you’ll be climbing through the same vents as the Alien, and they are definitely smart enough to look inside lockers, so there’s not really anywhere that’s safe. All you can do is plan ahead, adapt, keep a good stock of Noisemakers, and for the love of all that’s good, don’t get cornered.

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7. Untitled Goose Game

best stealth games video games untitled goose game ugg

You’re a horrible goose, and that’s both your greatest weapon and your greatest disguise all in one. Nobody can tell you to stop stealing every item in sight, because you’re a goose and you probably don’t understand Human. Equally, nobody will suspect you of being the greatest thief known to mankind, because you’re a bird so why would that make you the obvious culprit?

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