13 scary games to haunt your nightmares

Alien Isolation best scary games

We love freaking ourselves out with scary games. Whether it’s trying to escape a ferociously intelligent Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation or avoiding the attention of an evil cult in Outlast 2, there’s nothing quite like spending an evening cowering behind the pad as we wait for the next jumpy bit.

So, to celebrate Halloween creeping up on us yet again, we’re looking at 13 games that you should gives yourself a fright with.

The Amnesia Collection

Whether you’re trying not to gaze for too long at the terrifying creatures in The Dark Descent or unravelling the mystery of A Machine for Pigs, this bundle of terror is perfect for slow-burning Halloween chills.

The Evil Within 2

This super sequel opened up the world you play in, with bigger levels letting you hunt out more hideous creatures than ever before. With some truly disgusting bosses to take on as well, this should be top of every zombie-lovers list.


Here’s how you’ll spend your time playing Prey. “Is that a Mimic? Maybe, that’s a Mimic? OH LORD NO, THAT’S A MIMIC!” As you can imagine, an alien that can morph into any item is going to lead to more than a few jump-scares. And, sorry, bad news, you’ll meet a lot of Mimics on your adventure in Prey.

Layers of Fear

While paintings don’t usually inspire soul-shaking dread, Layers of Fear’s trippy journey through a tortured artist’s dark mind will give you a lifelong aversion to anything painted onto a canvas.

Little Nightmares

This indie puzzler mixes a Tim Burton-esque art style with some ingenious level design to keep your pulse racing throughout the adventure on a gloomy, foreboding ship. The nightmares you’ll be having after it might not be that little though…

Alien: Isolation

You haven’t known true terror until you’re crammed into a locker, spying on a scarily intelligent Xenomorph who’s trying to turn you into its dinner. This unbearably tense first person survival horror will make you fear the Alien like it’s 1979.


Fancy fighting back against the monsters? Bloodborne mixes some disturbing creature designs with some of the finest combat you can get on PlayStation 4. Just make sure you keep an eye on that Father Gascoigne chap…

Until Dawn

Sony’s choose-your-own-adventure style horror riffs on American horror movies to create something that feels fresher than whatever’s on at the local cinema. Every choice you make has consequences, which is why you should play this one in a group for maximum All Hallow’s Eve fun.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Jason Voorhees is a horror movie icon, and this ingenious multiplayer sensation lets you play as both his prey and him. The fear of seeing Jason lumber at you through the woods when you’re playing as a councillor is matched only by the thrill of terrorising Crystal Lake as the slasher monster.

Call of Cthulhu

H.P. Lovecraft’s most infamous crustacean creation has finally surfaced on PS4 and Xbox One, but the real draw of this first person mystery is seeing if you can discover the secrets that haunt Darkwater Island.


This smart, slow-burning indie is great for those who prefer a little more existential dread to their spooks. Creeping around an underwater research facility, the squalid atmosphere and unfolding story will leave you sweating buckets.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Ditching the over-the-shoulder camera for a first person perspective helps make the scares in Resident Evil 7 feel more terrifying than ever before. Trust us, the first time you bump into Jack Baker, you’ll be wishing for some of those nice, old-fashioned zombies to turn up.

Outlast 2

Think you’re immune to video game horror? A wander through Outlast 2’s viciously evil Temple Gate community will make you reconsider your position. This dark horror touches on some disturbing themes, and without the ability to fight back against the monsters who pursue you, will leave you sleeping with the lights on.