5 magical Harry Potter games for every wizarding world fan

best harry potter games

Who doesn’t love the wizarding world of Harry Potter? From the unputdownable books, to the eye-popping scale of the blockbuster films, there’s a magical (sorry) quality to J.K. Rowling’s timeless creation that entrances audiences young and old.

And naturally, that extends to the gaming world too. We thought we’d highlight five of our favourite games from the Potter universe so you can recreate the magic again and again.

1. LEGO Harry Potter Collection

Recently remastered for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, this pack contains two games which are split between Years 1-4 and 5-7, letting you relieve some of the biggest moments from the films, with a healthy dash of the LEGO games humour. The LEGO games combo of gentle puzzles and accessible action make it perfect for parents looking for a co-op treat to play with the Potter-obsessives in their life.

2. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

best harry potter games prisoner of azkaban

We enjoyed all the game adaptations of the movies, but Azkaban holds a special place in our heart. Maybe it’s because we’re scared the Dementors will come and take us away if we don’t plump for it, but the fact that this was the first game where you played as Ron, Hermione, and Harry tips the scales.

3. Wonderbook: Book of Spells

Using the PlayStation Move controllers to cast actual gosh darn spells, this bundle of wish-fulfillment is a blast for any Harry Potter fan. Coming with a book that has augmented reality technology where the pages come to life on screen, this brought us closer than ever to the feel

4. Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup

best harry potter games quidditch world cup

We’re suckers for sports games, especially ones that are based on sports we can’t play in real life (we tried real Rocket League once. It did not go well). That’s why we have a massive soft spot for Quidditch World Cup, which let us live our dream of playing in the broomstick-flying sport without breaking any bones in the process.

LEGO Dimensions

“Wait a minute, you started on LEGO?” That’s right reader, we did. But LEGO Dimensions is different, as you get a real-world portal which you place a LEGO Harry Potter figure on and that drops him into the game. This technological magic was matched by the fact you could have LEGO Harry team up with LEGO Batman to explore LEGO Hogwarts.

best harry potter games lego logo

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