5 amazing Game of Thrones mods that bring Westeros to your games

best game of thrones mods direwolf skyrim companion mount
best game of thrones mods direwolf skyrim companion mount

The final episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 is upon us, and whether you’ve been glued to the screen at 2AM every week, or you’re still hiding from spoilers as if they’re the Night King, you’re probably thinking you would have handled events pretty differently if you’d been in Westeros at the time.

And while we can’t help you get to Westeros for real, we can point you towards some of the best Game of Thrones mods out there. So load up your favourite game, pick the mods you like the sound of most, and try to find ways to make sure everyone survives for once.

And don’t worry, the night may be dark and full of spoilers, but there are none here. You’re safe with us.

(Though, please be careful with mods and the content of external sites.)

1. Some familiar Skyrim followers

best game of thrones mods ser bronn skyrim companion

Leave Lydia in Breezehome – the next time you take on a dragon or explore a cave filled with giant spiders and frost trolls, you may want to do it with your favourite Game of Thrones character as your companion instead. Some of them look more convincing than others (Ser Davos Seaworth and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater are particularly good), but you can be sure that regardless of how their book or TV series counterparts behave, none of them are going to suddenly stab you in the back. We’re not really in Westeros, after all.

Or if you’d prefer a loyal animal companion instead, you could have your very own direwolf. Arya Stark’s direwolf Nymeria doubles as a mount, so if you’ve ever wanted to ditch your sturdy and reliable (but okay, slow) Skyrim horse in exchange for a speedy direwolf, here’s your chance.

Find the companion mods here

Find the direwolf mods here

2. Crusader Kings II

best game of thrones mods crusader kings 2

If you’ve ever wondered how Westeros might have turned out if some of the major historical events had happened a little differently, this is your chance to find out. Pick any start date from 300 years prior to Aegon’s Conquest right through to the events of A Feast For Crows and get ready to mess up some Game of Thrones history (probably quite a lot).

Dish out some richly deserved revenge against your favourite baddies or recreate the greatest battles of the age… just don’t expect things to work out exactly as you planned.

Find it here

3. Westeroscraft

best game of thrones mods westeroscraft minecraft

This gigantic Minecraft server is the work of thousands of talented builders, and it’ll let you explore the Seven Kingdoms in mind-boggling detail. All the major locations from the books are present and accounted for, from sunny Dorne all the way up to the icy Wall and beyond.

And as if that weren’t impressive enough already, the ultimate aim is for the community to complete Westeros and then move on to Essos, the next continent over.

Find it here

4. Seven Kingdoms: Total War

best game of thrones mods seven kingdoms total war attila tywin lannister

Take Attila: Total War and add in a good sprinkling of Game of Thrones characters, locations, and grisly deaths, and you’ve got the general gist of this mod.

You can even re-enact your favourite battles from the series, and while there aren’t any White Walkers to contend with at this stage, there are more than enough human baddies around to make your ultimate Red Wedding vengeance plan worthwhile.

Find it here

5. A Civ of Ice and Fire

Play as your favourite despot – sorry, rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms – and juggle alliances and war declarations for as long as you can until some other upstart monarch tries to boot you off the Iron Throne.

Seriously though, the amount of detail in this mod is staggering. As an example, White Walkers that take down cavalry units will end up with their own undead horse buddy, and at some point in the future they’ll be able to do the same thing to your dragons. Just a friendly warning.

Find it here

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