7 projects you won’t believe were made in Dreams


Media Molecule are taking creativity to the next level in Dreams, a mind-boggling toolbox that allows users to create their very own game concepts. Dreams is in early-access at the moment, so some features have not arrived yet, but that hasn’t stopped the community from coming up with some wildly inventive creations, from first-person shooters to sports games.

Here are 7 of the best mini-games that you can play in Dreams, right now.

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1. Final Fantasy VII

Genre: Action-RPG
Creator: Sosetsuken5360

Fans of Square-Enix’s groundbreaking JRPG Final Fantasy VII will be getting a full remake starting early next year, but if you’re still in love with the original’s charmingly blocky character models, then perhaps you should check out this incredible Dreams creation which comes complete with three playable characters and a selection of stunningly accurate Limit Break moves.

2. Prometheus

Genre: First-person shooter
Creator: Rothniel

Prometheus is a sci-fi shooter, inspired by the likes of Halo and Crysis. Explore an alien world and fend off crazed beasts with a variety of weapons including a pistol, shotgun, and an SMG. Prometheus is in demo form at the moment, but expect this project to get even bigger and better when the full version of Dreams launches. Perhaps we could even see a PvP multiplayer mode come to this amazing creation.

3. The Lost Box

Genre: Action-adventure
Creator: Decdoc

If you’re a fan of action-adventure titles like Tomb Raider and Uncharted, you will love The Lost Box, a platforming exploration game that will take you deep inside an ancient tomb. To discover the secrets held within, you must solve a succession of puzzles that will allow you to progress further inside. We can’t wait to see Decdoc flesh this idea out even further.

4. Haus of Bevis

Genre: Narrative/Horror
Creator: Bevis2

This slightly disturbing creation from Bevis2 shows just how weird Dreams can get. This bizarre, yet undeniably beautiful level takes you through a twisted mansion full of strange sculptures that will spout esoteric one-liners that will confuse as much as amuse. Weirdness aside, Haus of Bevis is genuinely impressive and shows great potential for Dreams users to create avant-garde horror and narrative games in the vein of titles like P.T. and What Remains of Edith Finch.

5. P.T.

Genre: Horror
Creator: lewisc729

Speaking of P.T., you can now play a version of Hideo Kojima’s infamous horror short within Dreams. The playable teaser for Konami’s canceled Silent Hills project was a notoriously creepy journey into an endlessly-repeating house of horror that held some terrifying secrets. P.T. is sadly no longer available, but you can still experience a recreation of this piece of videogame history, in Dreams.

6. Freeride

Genre: Sports
Creator: Plasticduck963

Extreme sports games aren’t as plentiful as they were in the early 2000s, thankfully Dreams is here to scratch that itch for us. Freeride is cross between Jet Set Radio and classic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, allowing you to tear up a skate park on a hoverboard. The environment is fairly basic at the moment, but the character design, physics, and nuanced animations show some amazing potential.

7. The Offroad Lands

Genre: Driving
Creator: Majoneskongen

The Offroad Lands is a gorgeous visual showcase of the various types of environments that are possible to create within Dreams. In this short journey, you will take your 4×4 through gorgeous watercolour forests, icy tundras, ancient tombs, and more.

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