Star Wars meets Guitar Hero on the 20th November in PS VR’s Beat Saber

Beat Saber release date

Beat Saber will launch on PS VR on the 20th November.

The unique rhythm-action virtual reality game sees you wielding two sabers, swiping at blocks to the beat of the music. If that sounds pretty easy, well, check out the trailer below to see how the game will test your reflexes.

While Beat Saber has been available on PC since May, the PS VR release comes with an exclusive campaign created specifically for PS4 players, along with new tracks to thrash your arms to.

That’s on top of Party Mode, which lets you and your mates engage in some (not so) friendly competition, a mode where you use just one saber, and global leaderboards to see just how good you are at keeping up with the beat.

On top of that, developers Beat Games have promised to update the game regularly, with a new song pack dropping soon after launch.

So, start swinging those arms in practice for a VR game like no other.

Get ready to get Beat Saber by picking up PlayStation Network credit at GAME today