7 things you need to know about Battlefield V

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Battlefield V’s full release tomorrow will send you back to WWII, in a way that you’ve never experienced before. From a focus on playing as a squad, to the return of War Stories, here are some of the key details you need to know about Battlefield V before you drop into this spectacular shooter!

1. WWII like you’ve never seen before

While World War II remains a popular time period for shooters (just look at last year’s COD: WWII for example), Battlefield V will aim to subvert your expectations. You’ll fight across locations like Rotterdam, Norway, and North Africa in multiplayer, while playing as characters such as Solveig, a young Norwegian Resistance Fighter, in the returning War Stories.

2. War Stories returns

Speaking of, Battlefield isn’t abandoning what’s made it so popular, with the single player War Stories mode returning. These short campaigns will shed light on stories that aren’t typically told, such as one based on the battles of colonial units from the French Army called Tirailleur.

This sees you stepping into the role of Deme, a Senegalese soldier who’s fighting to liberate France from the occupying Nazi forces. This sees you and your squad trying to take on German Paratroopers, who have better gear and the tactical advantage. Plus, it highlights the efforts of the Tirailleur, whose contributions in liberating France remain overshadowed by the famous Normandy landings.

If single-player wasn’t enough, there’ll also be a new online co-op mode called Combined Arms, which will let you and three friends play as Paratroopers parachuting behind enemy lines.

3. Grand Operations

While some old favourite multiplayer modes are returning, such as Conquest, there are also some hugely exciting additions as well. Chief among them is Grand Operations. It’ll be a series of limited time rounds that offer huge, multi-mode matches that last for over an hour.

How do they work? Good question! A Grand Operation will consist of four games, with each round representing a day in the conflict. On the first day, one team will attack an objective and the other defend. Whoever comes out on top in Day One will get advantages for the next day, while the losers will have less ammo and respawns to contend with. As you go from day-to-day, the maps, modes, and objectives will change until a side comes out on top.

Our hands-on with this mode during the early access period has left us hugely impressed and we can’t wait to see the server’s fill up on launch day.

4. Squad Up

Speaking of squads, working together will be more important than ever in this entry. Whenever you spawn into a game, you’ll instantly be placed into squad and working together will be the key to victory.

For instance, if you work together well and manage to achieve actual squad goals such as healing your squad members or completing objectives, you’ll earn a Squad Reinforcement. These perks might grant you a V1 rocket to fire anywhere on the map or a tank for you and your buddies to drive.

This has a knock-on effect for the wider battles. The Medic class can now only heal soldiers in their squad rather than everyone on your side. It encourages you to stick to your group and work together effectively.

5. Fortifications

Another huge new addition is Fortifications. While destruction remains just as important, you’ll now be able to partially repair buildings or build structures from scratch. This allows squads to create cover and dig into strategic positions by rebuilding a blown up house or lay down sandbags.

To help support this new system, there’s a new Builder class which will be best at creating and reinforcing structures. If you’ve always fancied yourself as a master tactician with a carpenter’s eye, you’ll feel right at home in Battlefield V.

6. Tides of War

Then there’s Tides of War, which will be the connective tissue for Battlefield V’s modes and future updates. Not only will Tides of War offer new maps and rewards, but it’ll also follow specific themes and be completely free for every player.

In November, content will be focused around the Fall of Europe, which explores Germany’s invasion of Europe. Each new tide of war will bring new vehicles, weapons and much more, to make sure Battlefield V is constantly evolving in new and exciting ways.

7. Firestorm

Finally, battle royale will be coming to Battlefield V next year! Firestorm will take place on the largest Battlefield map ever, with a ring of fire slowly shrinking in on the squads who are all vying to be the last one standing. With a focus on Battlefield’s signature style of play (that includes a healthy dollop of the destruction), we can’t wait to see how the tension of battle royale mixes with the adrenaline rush of a Battlefield match.

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