5 things we learned from our hands-on with Battlefield V’s Grand Operations

One of the most exciting new additions to Battlefield V’s multiplayer are the Grand Operations. These multiple stage matches take place over the course of several in-game days, and are inspired by historical events. How the player performs will impact how future days unfold, and it creates a dynamic narrative that is directly determined by the participants. It’s built to be the most in-depth way to play Battlefield V multiplayer, as most Grand Operations take an hour to play three in-operation days.

We recently went hands-on with the multiplayer mode, and were impressed with how it highlighted many of Battlefield V’s important changes.

Animations are important

Battlefield V has a new focus on animation, and it helps to create a much more realistic feeling gameplay experience. Every single action from entering and exiting vehicles to reviving allied soldiers is accompanied by a new animation. Not only does this make those actions more strategic in nature, as players have to account for the animations, but they also get rid of the immersion breaking teleportation that had become standard in shooters.

Explosive charges are tricky

The operation we were tasked with had our squad needing to destroy anti-aircraft guns with explosive charges. In past games, this was as simple as running up to them, planting a bomb, and exiting the area before it blew up. That’s no longer the case, as players have to manually pick up the charge satchels, and then carry them to where the target is. In this case, it meant transporting the charges from a nearby coast and escorting them to the location. It’s much more difficult to pull off, but it’s all the more satisfying when you do so.

Squad respawns are more intuitive

While squad respawning works the same as past games, DICE have made such great changes that make it much easier to understand. Once a player dies, the camera switches to a teammate and a respawn on squad button appears. This allows players to get a feel for their teammate’s current situation and location before spawning alongside them. It’s a great way to avoid getting spawned into a bad situation that will leave the player dead instantaneously.

Bigger vehicles are earned

One of the coolest aspects of Grand Operations are getting to see the impacts the players have on the battle. Since our squad performed well on day one, we unlocked the ability to use larger vehicles (such as planes and tanks) in the second day. Interestingly, these vehicles are all spawned from a screen, rather than on the map. This means that planes will appear in the sky instead of being at a landing strip for players to find.

Fortifications require strategy

Unlike Fortnite, where players can instantly create complex cover, fortifications in Battlefield V are much more strategic in nature. For example, each type of fortification takes a different amount of time to build. Shovelling snow only takes a few seconds, but laying down sandbags take significantly longer. That means players have to find good cover and communicate with their squad when coming up with how they’re going to use the tools at their disposal. Additionally, the fortifications can only be built in specific locations, which are highlighted whenever the player has the toolkit equipped.