How to get the Ballad of the Wind Fish easter egg in Link’s Awakening

Link's Awakening Ballad of the Wind Fish

With The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening hitting Switch this week, there’s plenty to discover in this wonderful remake of the Game Boy classic. But did you know there’s plenty of hidden secrets that can be uncovered?

How about one that gives you a lovely rendition of the beloved bop, Ballad of the Wind Fish? Here’s how to unlock this easter egg, which was first discovered by GameXplain.


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Link's Awakening Ballad of the Wind Fish

When you start up the game for the first time, you’ll be asked to pick a save file and then pick a name. Link is the default choice here, but, if you want to unlock this soothing ditty, all you need to do is type in the name ‘Marin’.

This then gives you a version of the Ballad of the Wind Fish that sounds soothingly groovy, like the old Wii Channel music. If you’re wondering why you need to type in Marin, it’s because that’s the name of the friendly girl who teaches the ballad to Link early in the game.

It’s not the only hidden song in the name selection menu. If you type in Zelda, you’ll get another surprise, a new rendition of the series’ recognisable theme.

With so much to do in this charming throwback, we’re sure you won’t spend too much time on the opening screen, but there are few better ways to wile a few minutes than with these earworms.

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