Everything you need to know about Apex Legends in-game currencies

Apex Legends Currency Guide

Apex Legends is already is a battle royale sensation, racking up over 50 million players since its launch. We can’t get enough of Respawn’s take on the genre, and that’s why we’ve put a handy primer to get you up to speed on the different currencies in the game, including the newly announced Battle Pass, so you can unlock the items, skins, and characters you want faster.

So whether you want to give you preferred weapon a splash of colour or want to grab the two characters – Mirage and Caustic – who are locked when you first download the game, here’s what you need to know about the three main in-game currencies of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: What are Crafting Materials?

As you level up in Apex Legends, you’ll unlock Apex Packs, which will give you three individual items, which can either be a random cosmetic unlocks or Crafting Materials. The latter is currency that allows you to unlock specific weapon skins, character skins, banners, and finishing moves instead of hoping to find randomly them in a loot box.

The rarity level of an item you want to unlock will affect the amount of Crafting Materials you’ll need to spend to unlock it. For instance, a Common skin for a character will only cost 30 Crafting Materials, while a Legendary one (which is the rarest type in the game) will set you back 1,400 in Crafting Materials.

At the moment, the only way you can unlock Crafting Materials is through the Apex Packs.

Apex Legends: What are Legend Tokens?

Legend Tokens are a type of currency that can be used to unlock new Legends as they become available or specific cosmetics that are in the Rotating Shop (which is similar to Fortnite’s storefront, where exclusive cosmetics are available for a limited time).

You get a certain amount of Legend Tokens every time you level up in Apex Legends and you’ll keep earning them once you’ve reached the max level cap by getting XP in matches you play. At the moment, you can unlock a new character (either Caustic or Mirage) for 12,000 Legend Tokens.

Apex Legends: What are Apex Coins?

Apex Coins are a currency you can only buy with money through the digital storefront and can be used to purchase Apex Packs, characters, and items in the Rotating Shop. These help you get the items you want faster or let you get more loot boxes to help bulk out your collection of skins.

It’s also worth noting that Apex Packs won’t give you duplicates, (you’ll always get items you don’t own inside of them), and that you’re guaranteed one Legendary item in every 30 Apex Packs you open.

Apex Legends: What’s the Battle Pass and Battle Bundle?

The Battle Pass is similar to Fortnite’s system, where you spend 950 Apex Coins and can then earn up to 100 tiers worth of rewards, including new skins new banners, and Apex Coins. In fact, in Season One: Wild Frontier, you’ll earn the Apex Coins you’ve spent back if you reach Level 97! You’ll also get three skins for free instantly.

The Battle Bundle is slightly more expensive (2,800 Apex Coins), but you’ll unlock the first 25 levels worth of content instantly. Handy if you want to get a head start on the competition. Find out more here about the Wild Frontier Battle Pass and Battle Bundle by clicking here.

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