5 key tips to help you win in Apex Legends

Apex Legends win tips

We can’t get enough of Apex Legends at the moment, and with that comes some handy knowledge in how to win in the battle royale shooter. With all that time we’ve spent blasting away in Kings Canyon, we’ve jotted down some tips that will turn those last-gasp loses into triumphant victories.

So without further ado, here are 5 key tips for Apex Legends!

1. Stick together

Let’s get straight into the most important one. Apex Legends is built to be played in a squad of three, and the teams who do the best are the ones who stick together. If you try and lone wolf it, peeling away and heading in a different direction to your squad, you’re going to struggle to trouble the top of the leaderboard.

2. Choose characters that suit the team

At the start of each round, you’ll have a choice of 6/8 characters (depending on how many you’ve unlocked), each with unique skills. Some, like Lifeline, are meant to be played as a medic, healing more aggressive characters like Bangalore, who can call use a smoke grenade and call in airstrikes.

Paying attention to who your team is picking is crucial. Try to ensure your team has a balance between offensive champions and defensive ones.

3. Aim for high level loot locations

At the start of games, when you’re getting ready to jump with your squad, you’ll notice a few unique things about Apex Legends. One is a supply ship that glides over the map, and the other are bright blue lights emitting from certain areas.

Both of these are high level loot points, where you can get a headstart on the competition by hoovering up the good stuff. Be warned though, these areas are filled with teams trying to pull off the same strategy, so make sure you’re ready for a frantic firefight.

4. Ping (almost) everything

The ping system in Apex Legends is revelatory, letting your team know where specific items are, where you think the squad should head next, and letting you tag you spotted enemies. Make hitting the ping button second nature as soon as you see another enemy, as three sets of bullets are harder to dodge than one.

But, when it comes to loot, don’t ping-spam. Only try to flag weapons that your team would be after or high level loot that would be an upgrade. No-one wants to be distracted by a common helmet notification when there’s only a few squads left in in the game.

5. Don’t rush to respawn

One of Apex Legends cool innovations is the respawn mechanic. If you or a squad member kicks the virtual bucket, you have a chance to save them by grabbing a banner from their final resting place and delivering it to a Respawn Beacon, chucking them back into the game. Sounds like you should do this the second one of your teammates dies right?

Not so fast. You have 90 seconds to retrieve the banner, so instead of rushing to your fallen comrade and becoming a target for the enemy who killed him, wait a little while and see if you can get the drop on them. After all, you can’t respawn them if you’re taken out as well.

BONUS: Use the thank button

If a teammate drops an item and you pick up, you’ll get a prompt that thanks them for the gift. It won’t help you win, but using it is just good manners really…

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