5 things you need to know about Octane in Apex Legends

apex legends octane

Apex Legends is getting its first Wild Frontier battle pass today, and the existing lineup of Legends is also getting a new addition: the self-healing speed demon Octane. He might look like he’s just stumbled out of a rave, but trust us, you’re going to want to keep up with him.

So what do we know so far about the newest Legend?

1. He’s an adrenaline junkie with metal legs

Octavio “Octane” Silva apparently managed to blow his own legs off in a record-breaking test of speed, but his new metal running blades certainly haven’t slowed him down.

Forever seeking new ways to go faster, the newest Legend is all about getting the biggest possible thrills out of life. And he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve to help him do just that…

2. His abilities are really, really useful

Octane’s abilities are focused around two main things: health and speed.

His tactical ability allows him to sacrifice some of his health in exchange for a temporary speed boost, which is perfect for getting out of a tight spot quickly.

His passive ability, meanwhile, allows him to gradually gain back the health that he’s lost, whether it’s been spent on his tactical ability or lost through picking up damage in the field. The only caveat is that he only regenerates health when he’s not being shot at, but that still might just be one of the most useful passive abilities we’ve seen yet.

But that’s not all…

3. You may have seen his ultimate ability already

Have you spotted one of these Launch Pads lying around recently? Then you’ve already caught a glimpse of Octane’s ultimate ability.

This speedy Legend can deploy Launch Pads on the ground, allowing anyone to bounce themselves high up in the air. What could be more fun than that?

Boost up high for extra mobility, or gain a tactical advantage by claiming the high ground.

4. You don’t have to get the Battle Pass to unlock him

Even if you’re not planning on picking up the Battle Pass, Octane will still be available to unlock in the same way that Mirage and Caustic are: you can buy him with Legend Tokens or spend 750 Apex Coins to add him to your roster of champions.

5. He’s probably going to be your new main

Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to be dropping your main to play as him. With super speed, self-healing abilities, and bouncy Launch Pads to experiment with, playing as the newest Legend looks as though it’s going to be a thrill-filled, high-octane blast. Pun fully intended.