How to get exclusive Anthem pre-order goodies at GAME

Anthem Game Pre-order

With Bioware’s huge new multiplayer shooter Anthem landing on our consoles in just over a month, we’ve been beavering away to give fans something special if they pre-order with GAME.

Great news: you’ll get plenty of exclusive bonuses if you pre-order a copy of Anthem at GAME. First up is a Steelbook that comes with four magnetic covers, each with a different Javelin on. We don’t want to say we’re picking a favourite, but the green Interceptor suit is certainly high up the list.

But it’s not just a physical steelbook you’ll be able to customise when you pre-order at GAME. You’ll also be able to nab an exclusive skin in-game, in the form of the Edge of Resolve Javelin. This striking design is a mix of chrome plating and vivid red flashes, which will make you stand out when exploring with your squad.

With an Anthem demo on its way at the end of the month for anyone who pre-orders Bioware’s latest, it won’t be long until you’ll be able to get a taste of the developer’s incredible new world!

Make sure you’re one of the first Freelancers to explore Fort Tarsis by pre-ordering Anthem from GAME here!