5 reasons Ace Attorney Trilogy deserves to be replayed

Ace Attorney Trilogy
Ace Attorney Trilogy

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy comes to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC today, and if you haven’t played Capcom’s pixel detective game series, then there’s no better time than now to start or revisit this unique narrative experience.

Pick up your best suit from the drycleaners, polish off your attorney badge, and get hunting for clues. It’s almost your time to shine…but first, here are five reasons why you should play the updated trilogy.

1. Updated art

The original Ace Attorney games released back in the early 2000s and were ahead of the times with their design. The Ace Attorney trilogy gives the graphics a complete upgrade, with a beautiful hand-drawn look and new widescreen perspective. The characters and backgrounds really come to life, with Phoenix Wright looking even more dashing in his vibrant blue suit – you’ve always got to look your best in the courtroom, after all.

Ace Attorney Trilogy

2. Accessible puzzles

Crime scene investigation isn’t easy, but now you’ve got a trusty magnifying glass to help you solve mysterious puzzles. As you examine each crime scene, said magnifying glass will turn blue to yellow when it’s hovering over something that could help crack the case.

Once you’ve investigated certain areas of a room, a handy tick will appear so you won’t be hunting in the same place for that one pesky hidden clue. Just remember – even if something doesn’t look crime-worthy, check it anyway. At the very least, you’ll get some great chat between some of the characters that you may miss otherwise.

Ace Attorney Trilogy

3. Conversation is key

Speaking of chit-chat, it’s a major part in the whole investigation process when probing people involved within the ongoing cases. Talk to everyone you come across as you might just find some intriguing evidence from characters that you might have missed. Squeezing every last morsel of information out of witnesses is key…even if they’re less than willing.

It’s a novel way of approaching puzzles, making you look for even the slightest hint of a falsehood in the people you interrogate, and catching a wrong ‘un in a lie will make you feel like a super sleuth.

Ace Attorney Trilogy

4. Meet fascinating characters

Phoenix Wright has a compelling in-depth backstory that you gradually learn throughout the Ace Attorney trilogy, but he isn’t the only one. Even the non-playable characters throughout the series have their own rich backstories, including Miles Edgeworth, Wright’s rival prosecutor and childhood friend. You won’t be able to get enough of these frenemies clashing.

In fact, nearly every character has complex motives that will either have you sympathizing with them… or wanting to lock them up in a cell as soon as possible.

Ace Attorney Trilogy

5. Feel like a real lawyer

Press witnesses for their statements, catch people out on their lies, and find yourself in heated verbal (and sometimes physical) battles with rival prosecutors and other characters.

Yes we know this is a fictional game, but being able to shout “OBJECTION!” and “TAKE THAT!” as Phoenix Wright in the courtroom makes us feel like the lawyer we never knew we wanted to be. And who can say no to wearing that beautiful, vibrant jacket? Have we mentioned the clothes too much?

Ace Attorney Trilogy

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