7 reasons why you should pick up Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2’s third major expansion is a dense, dark, feature-stuffed odyssey. The plot kicks off with you attempting to prevent a jailbreak at the Prison Of Elders, but when terrorist leader Uldren Sov executes your mechanised mate Cayde-6 in the chaos, your motive shifts to enacting revenge.

You’ll venture deep into debris field The Reef, a place of utter lawlessness marking the farthest point humanity’s ever been from Earth, to take justice into your own hands against Fallen pirate faction the Scorn. Your mission centres on hunting down eight Scorn barons, and finally Uldren Sov himself, on the way awakening new Guardian powers, finding fresh gear, pulling off new Strikes, and embarking on a climatic boss-riddled Raid.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played Destiny 2 before, because Forsaken features the option of boosting your level to where it needs to be. So whether you’ve already got a Guardian or you want to make one from scratch, here are 7 reasons why you should pick up Destiny 2: Forsaken.

1. Grab new exotic gear

We’re all here for the awesome new loot, and Forsaken offers loads. Consider, if you will, The One Thousand Voices, a continuous beam of orange death that also combusts. Or Wish-Ender, which grants the ability to both see and damage foes through walls. Fans of smaller firearms might opt for Malfeasance, a pistol detonating every fifth shot you fire, and on the opposite end of the spectrum is the The Two-Tailed Fox, a rocket launcher that fires double missiles simultaneously.

There’s even a new type of weapon in the bow. To give you an idea of what these will do for your battlefield reputation, take the Trinity Ghoul, a bow that summons electrical storms foes will learn to fear. And of course, there’s incredible new armour packing cool new abilities. Exotic boots the Antaeus Wards, for instance, reflect projectiles when you slide. That’s a whole lot of exotics, and Forsaken features so much more besides. In short, you’re going to fill your pockets with all manner of rarities.

2. Explore stunning new regions

Forsaken sends you and your mates into Destiny’s largest location yet: Tangled Shore. This gorgeous wasteland of orbiting asteroids beats the previous record holder, European Dead Zone, by quite a margin. Skorn, Hive, and Cabal lie in wait across crisscrossing caves and bases, and there’s plenty of Lost Sectors, hidden chests, and bounties to grab.

And that’s not all. Built from the hull of a wrecked starship, social hub the Vestian Outpost is where you’ll spend your downtime decoding Engrams and shaking down your Postmaster for Glimmer. Oh, and dancing. It’s just not Destiny unless someone’s showing their moves on the edge of a cliff.

Finally, play through Forsaken’s missions and you’ll unlock another sprawling patrol area called The Dreaming City. On par with Nessus for size, it’s an ethereal wonderland of teals and purples offering even more pursuits. Pursuits like, for example, The Blind Well, a horde activity pitting you against waves of enemies. How it works is this: pledge offerings to a monument located in The Blind Well and it’ll summon creatures to fight. Beating them calls in bosses, and potentially, tasty rewards. Gimme.

3. Feel true power with nine new Supers

Forsaken is a tough expansion. That’s expected of course – players with hundreds of hours under their belt need a worthy challenge. Thankfully, Bungie have made that challenge way more fun with the chance to use nine screen-filling new Supers.

Each class gains three powerful new subclasses. The Arcstrider subclass, Way of the Current, lets you block projectiles with a spin of your staff, both reflecting those projectiles back and then imbuing the staff with triple damage afterwards. Pick of the Dawnblade subclass is Attunement of Grace: a dramatic sword-slam that heals and empowers all allies in its radius.

An early community favourite, though, is Striker’s Code of the Missile. In short, in turns you into the Guardian equivalent of a mini meteor that causes absolute devastation to multiple foes. These superpowered subclasses offer new avenues of explosive self-expression.

4. Track your achievements with Triumphs

Before now, there was no way to track your achievements in the Destiny 2 universe. Apart from, you know, memory. But with the Forsaken’s new Triumphs feature, you can see all your past exploits.

To do this, simply head to the menu’s new Triumphs screen and manually claim each item. If you’ve played Destiny before, you’ll have Triumphs here waiting for you to click on, which serves as a nice refresher for what you’ve been up to. There are 747 currently, ranging from Crucible Triumphs, to Events Triumphs, to Gambit Triumphs. You can even earn player titles by completing a set of Triumphs. So if it’s your dream to be known as Wayfarer, track the relevant Triumphs and finish them off.

5. Beating the Barons

Eight barons lead the Scorn, and one of your aims in Forsaken is taking them all on in turn. Each one has their own thing going on: there’s The Machinist, who’s an expert in building munitions out of stolen scrap; silent sadist The Hangman who comes in swinging a massive flaming mace; The Mad Bomber who wears a string of explosives around his neck (hence the whole ‘mad’ thing); The Rifleman, a sniper with a cybernetic eye; and The Rider, who leads a cavalry of bikers on hover vehicles, Pikes.

They’re all brilliantly designed, and make for varied scraps, whether it’s long-range target hunts, furious vehicular showdowns, or firary encounters in which everything explodes.

6. The unique competitive mode, Gambit

In Forsaken, an all-new multiplayer mode combines fights against computer enemies and online opponents. Gambit, as it’s known, sees two teams of four race to summon a huge boss called a Primeval. To do this they must kill enemies and then deposit the white tokens they drop into a bank. Banking 75 tokens calls the big fella down, and the team that kills its Primeval first wins.

Gambit is unique in Destiny because you’re not competing with people directly. Rather, each team occupies its own separate arena. That said, the Invasion mechanic does give you a brief moment of pure PvP action. At various points in the match one teammate can head through a portal and into the other team’s arena in order to kill as much of them as they can. It’ll make you feel deliciously cheeky. The hybrid ruleset of Gambit brings fresh thrills to The Crucible. Computer-controlled hordes are fun to mow through, sure, but there’s nothing quite like testing your skill against other people.

7. Embark on an epic Raid

Within The Dreaming City is a massive tower called The Keep Of Voices. This is where Forsaken’s Raid, Last Wish, goes down. An interesting new element of this Raid lies in its approach to wiping. Before, when players died in a raid – or ‘wiped’ – they lost supers and power ammo. But now you can prepare for this by purchasing a special item at vendor in the Dreaming City.

This item is a Raid Banner. Simply plonk this banner down before a fight and all raid members can interact with it and fully refill their Super energy and power ammo. Nice. When Last Wish unlocks on September 14, it’ll give players a chance to take on Forsaken’s ultimate challenge.

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