7 movies that would make great LEGO games

Howl's Moving Castle LEGO Game

If there’s one thing we love more than video games, amazing movies and LEGO© brick sets, it’s a combination of all three: LEGO video game versions of our all-time favourite movies.

So while we’ve yet to find a LEGO video game we didn’t adore, we still got thinking about which other movies we’d love to see made into LEGO games. Here’s our list of contenders – are there any of your favourite films that we’ve missed?

1. LEGO The Matrix

Will you choose the blue stud or the red stud? The mind-bending sci-fi franchise would make an incredible LEGO game, and we reckon a Neo minifig would definitely be able to pull off the slow-motion bullet dodging in style. Imagine rearranging reality in LEGO form!

2. LEGO The Godfather

Okay, we get it, this probably wasn’t one that you expected to see on this list. But we reckon the LEGO series’ quirky sense of humour would put a really fun and unique spin on some of the original’s classic scenes. That bit with the horse, right?

3. LEGO Howl’s Moving Castle

The Studio Ghibli masterpiece has magic, flying machines, a castle with legs (just imagine that as a LEGO brick set though), and a magical door which could open to all the different levels…

And if we could have a minigame where we get to feed LEGO Calcifer bits of bacon and egg all day, we’d be happier than The Lego Movie’s Emmet.

4. LEGO Die Hard

Hear us out – a LEGO Bruce Willis, fighting his way through the Nakatomi Plaza building, with LEGO’s sense of humour and comedy timing. A LEGO game based on this festive favourite (of course it’s a Christmas movie) would be right at the top of our Santa lists this year.

5. LEGO Star Trek

Build long and prosper… after the success of the LEGO Star Wars games, it’s about time that Star Trek got to step into the limelight. We’d love to explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy on the USS Enterprise, so please, LEGO, make it so.

6. LEGO Ready Player One

We’d love to have access to the OASIS and every video game ever made in real life, but we could happily settle for a LEGO game alternative of Parzival’s epic adventure. Just imagine all the classic arcade-themed minigames, but made out of LEGO…

7. LEGO Baby Driver

We love Edgar Wright’s thrilling mix of car chases and propulsive beats, and while the idea of a video game version (let alone a LEGO version) might seem like heresy, we think that the clacking sounds those bricks when you snap them together could create their own soundtrack. After all, you need is one killer beat…

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